3 Important Skills a Working Dad Needs to Master

As a Head of Infrastructure & DevOps, Dominic is keen to let us in on his secrets on how to manage his time. For Dominic, being a working dad is not easy. Some things need to be scheduled and communicated well so that he can balance work and family. Dominic shares tips and tricks on how to do so.

Time Management

Performing two roles at once made Dominic realise that he needs to have better time management. Dominic is disciplined in making sure he sticks to his daily schedule. Every day, he starts the day on time, having pre-planned the activities he will do that day. He even buffers time for unexpected things that might happen on that day. He always tries to finish his work on time so he could go home on time. This is done in a very disciplined manner so that every activity planned can be completed by him. Even if he can’t finish his work, he will work from home so that he can complete his tasks and still carry out his role as a father.


Dominic knows that to carry out these two roles, he needs support from various parties. He made a deal with his wife to take care of their baby while he is in the office. With clear communication between his wife and himself, his wife is able to support him by not disturbing him during working hours, except for important matters. This support helps him to focus on completing his responsibilities at the company and return home on time.

And when things do not go according to plan, or when he needs some time to take care of his personal matters, Dominic also gets support from the company. With flexible working hours, Dominic can work from home so he can help his family while still doing his job remotely.

Dominic, seated second from the left, in a typical day at work with his team

Take Care of Yourself (Staying Healthy)

Being a father and a leader requires a healthy physical condition. Dominic exercises regularly so that his body stays healthy. This is one reason for him to carry out his daily activities on a schedule. He has to keep to his schedule so that he can do everything. A typical day for him looks like this: Waking up in the morning to exercise, starting work on time, going home to spend time with the children and his wife and also taking a rest.

Those are the things Dominic did to manage his time. Of course, not every day runs smoothly. He is thankful for a team who always supports him not only at work, but also other aspects such as family. On a personal level, the birth of his child was a very beautiful moment for him. And the support he gets from team members and the company is something that constantly amazes him.

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