Our Recruiters: On Grab Indonesia

As with any country that Grab operates in, we make sure our Grabbers are localised and well-acquainted to serve the needs of each unique community. Behind that is our team of recruiting heroes, who help us hire the best talents. This week, we made a trip down to Indonesia and sought out local insights from the Grab Indonesia Recruiters team. Below are our recruiters’ thoughts on being part of this dynamic rocketship called Grab.

On Grab Indonesia

Grab has had the amazing opportunity to serve 8 different countries within the region, which also means there are 8 different local teams dedicated to using their expert knowledge to improve the lives of Southeast Asians.

“The great thing about Grab is that we have numerous regional teams who’ll be able to give better insights and knowledge in developing the Indonesian market.”

Rosy, Talent Acquisition Business Partner (TABP) for GrabFood, GrabRentals, Legal & Compliance, People Operations, Safety & Security

The growth of Grab within the Indonesian marketplace has also enabled the local community to benefit greatly, especially with the ‘Grab 4 Indonesia’ 2020 Master Plan.

“The plan covers a range of programmes that aim to make Indonesia’s digital economy the largest in Southeast Asia, including business initiatives and support to the Indonesian society. It’s a great thought knowing that Grab is going to bring such a huge impact to the community, and become what will be the region’s super app.”

Faradina, TABP for GrabRentals

On Culture

Like all hires in Grab, we pride our Grabbers in not only having the right set of technical skills, but also the right mindset. We look out for each candidate’s qualifications, background and previous experience. Most importantly, if they’ll be a good culture fit; the willingness to keep learning while staying humble.

“Grab has a very unique working culture, and it’s important that each new applicant is able to adapt to it.”

Putri, TABP for Facilities, Finance, Procurement, Country Business Development & Partnerships, Public Affairs, Grab for Business, GrabHitch

“I think Grabbers really appreciate one another. We’ve got a great culture of appreciation, and willingness to walk in another’s shoes to fully understand the work we do better.”

Faizal, Kudo TABP for Senior Tech and Corporate roles, Product Development, OVO

Unlike many larger corporations, Grab’s culture remains incredibly fluid and flat in structure.

“As long as we are willing to collaborate with each other, remain confident of our work, and stay focused in moving forward, I believe we can grow exponentially as a team. This shows really strongly in the office as no matter your role or background, you’ll always be able to ask for help from other Grabbers. Everyone adopts the ‘Your Problem is My Problem’ spirit, and if needed, even senior level Grabbers from around the region will come down to help out with our projects.”

Anggi, TABP for Transport 4-Wheels, MDO, Strategy & BPI, Country Support

“Hiring is not only restricted to matching applicants with a position, but also matching them with opportunities where they could grow, learn and shape their future for the better.”

Monica, TABP for Marketing

On Hiring for Grab Indonesia

Indonesia is incredibly expansive, with each region within the country having its unique qualities.

“There are a whole bunch of differences when hiring for Grab Indonesia, especially depending on the functions and locations. Hiring for the Jakarta Operations team will be different from hiring in Medan or Yogyakarta, as the culture of those three cities are different from one another. This also applies to other countries where the work cultures are different as well.”

Anggi, TABP for Transport 4-Wheels, MDO, Strategy & BPI, Country Support

He also recounts his favourite memory during his time at Grab.

“There was this one time, I had the chance to share the good news to a fresh graduate that she was hired for one of our positions in Grab. I could hear her crying tears of joy over the phone while thanking me profusely — it was her first job and she lived outside of Jakarta. During my hiring experience, I’ve never had such an impactful and heartwarming moment as this.”

We don’t restrict ourselves to hiring only from Jakarta as well, but also look to hire candidates from every region and city — as long as they are right for the job.

“One of the most memorable moments for me, was when the team was tasked to recruit for almost 50 cities at the same time in lieu of our regional expansion. We don’t look at where you are from, we want you as long as you’re right for the job and our culture.”

Geraldine, Kudo TABP for Operations, Sales, HQ Sales, Business Development

“One of the things we must keep a lookout for when hiring is that of the Hiring Managers’ requirements. More often that not, Hiring Managers already know who they want. Our objective is to ensure that candidates fit that strict criteria, are able to pass our assessments, and possess the requisite experience.”

Kudo TABPs


Unique to Grab Indonesia, Tunas Toyota dengan PT Teknologi Pengangkutan Indonesia (TPI) provides long-term car rentals for full-time drivers who work exclusively on the Grab platform.

“Partnering with Tunas Toyota, which has made for itself a huge name in the region, we are not only able to improve our Employer Branding position, but also our consumer reach within the market.”

Frista, TABP for Transport 2-Wheels (GrabBike, GrabParcel, GrabExpress), Data Analytics

“By hiring more talented Grabbers into our team, we are able to grow the TPI business at an even faster pace, which in turn, provides more opportunities for Indonesian citizens who wish to join Grab as driver partners, but do not own a car.”

Rosy, TABP for GrabFood, Grab Rentals, Legal & Compliance, People Operations, Safety & Security

On Fellow Recruiters

Holding the keys to our Grabber family comes with both its highs and lows, and we owe it to our recruiters’ team to hold up the fort.

“We (the team) definitely have each other’s backs. Even when we get overwhelmed with our work, we know that when we need a much-deserved break, we can find each other for a breather.”

Ummu, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

“Grab allows me to be myself, grow from my work, and work comfortably all while contributing to the organisation. If you think you’re enthusiastic, willing to get your hands dirty, and want to make history, Grab is the place to be.”

Anggi, TABP for Transport 4-Wheels, MDO, Strategy & BPI, Country Support

As Grab continues to grow in the region, the reach and impact we get to create expands as well.

“I believe that Grab will grow to be a huge player in the Indonesian market, and I am proud to be a part of its growth.”

Dian, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Grab Indonesia’s People team on their day-out

If you think you’ve got a place with us at Grab Indonesia, we’d love to welcome you!

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