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In this article, we chat with Rizkie Maulana Putra, our Deputy Head of Business Development at GrabFood Indonesia, to find out more about his Grab story. In his daily role, Rizkie oversees the acquisition of strategic restaurant partners. He worked in e-commerce for almost a decade, before taking the leap to join the fast-paced food delivery arm of Grab.

Choosing #TheGrabLife

In making the decision to join Grab, he shares: “I felt that I had lots of transferable skills to invest into Grab. I had tried creating a similar business model myself years ago, but didn’t think the marketing sales was ready to go to market. With Grab, I can fulfil my entrepreneurial ambitions whilst working on a very real product, and I think we are definitely ready to become Southeast Asia’s everyday everything app.”

Another deciding factor was our inspiring company vision. “When I was researching, I stumbled upon Anthony Tan’s clear and straightforward vision. He simply wants to bring safety and convenience to our end-customers through our everyday app, and at the same time empower micro-entrepreneurs who provide these services. It’s thrilling. It fuels my tanks. It gives me a sense of meaning and purpose to work on a product that has such impact.”

Growing GrabFood

Joining GrabFood, then a new business vertical, was a journey filled with challenges and new conditions that tested the team’s resolve to succeed. “From the start, we were faced with the bitter reality of entering the Indonesian market as a new product. We couldn’t just proceed with whatever we wanted to do on the commercial side. We had to constantly make modifications and develop GrabFood to be relevant for the market. It’s really not easy at all.”

“We’re really at the forefront of the food delivery business. The agile culture at Grab enables us to make a real difference, and grow a new product fast, as we can react to market demands almost instantly.”

GrabFood and the Indonesian Community

To make sure that GrabFood works for Indonesia, Rizkie spends a lot of time on the ground, speaking to our merchants and restaurant partners. “They do notice a change after we came into the market – including higher income and increased walk-in customers. If you notice, some restaurants are packed with our drivers outside. GrabFood has had a huge impact on their bottom line.”

GrabFood has also provided GrabCar drivers and GrabBike riders a chance to supplement their income, from providing not just ride hailing but also food delivery services. “Some drivers reported to us that they can get more than 5 orders from the same merchant in a day. A driver I met in Bali told me that most of his family income comes from GrabFood. He is able to support his five children’s school fees, the family’s daily needs, and pay off utility bills and mortgage loans – all by working with GrabFood!”

Rizkie is also inspired by the heartening feedback coming in from customers. “They tell me that GrabFood enables them to save more time during lunch hour in a cost-effective way. Not to mention the promotion and points they can use when ordering food.”

GrabFood has also brought about unexpected convenience for the wives and mothers around Rizkie’s neighbourhood. Gone were the days when they had to plan daily menus and venture out to shop for ingredients. Many mothers can use the time saved to spend quality time with their children. “GrabFood allows them to get ready-to-eat cooked meals delivered right to their doorstep. This is both time efficient, and most importantly cost-saving.”

What’s Next?

With hundreds of challenges along the way, working on a product like GrabFood is not a job for the faint-hearted. However, Rizkie and his team are committed to make GrabFood work for the Indonesian market. “Myself and the team, we choose to invest our time on GrabFood. A lot of it. So, there is nothing I’m prouder of than seeing our work drive positive impact to the Indonesian people.”

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