From Banking To GrabFood: Tech Dreams Do Come True


In the age of internet and all-things-digital, almost every company now calls themselves a tech company. But how many of them offer jobs that are truly “full”-filling? In 2016 we launched #GrabFood and have been serving tasty meals to Southeast Asia ever since. In this blog, we sat down with Adhi Nugraha Sugiarto (Dimas), our Business Improvement and PMO Manager for GrabFood Indonesia, to find out more about his Grab journey.

Hey Dimas, great to meet you! We’re curious how you found yourself at Grab?

D: Fun fact, I used to be a banker, and always dreamed of getting into the start-up and tech world. Technology has always been a passion of mine, and what better way to immerse myself than working at a top tech company. Grab won me over with 2 things: firstly, I believe that Grab is definitely one of, if not the, top tech company in Southeast Asia; and secondly, there will always be opportunities for me within any of the business verticals within the super app ecosystem. That’s a rare and powerful combination for all job seekers.

I was really excited to work on GrabFood because I think that it’s a perfect environment for someone who is eager to learn and advance their career. In order for GrabFood to succeed, we rely heavily on three complex groups of users – our merchants, drivers, and eaters. Grab acting as a “concierge” for these three groups serves as a solid foundation to sustain economic growth for our merchants and driver-partners. Seeing the visible impact we have on empowering our communities also brings new energy and motivation for Grabbers working on this product.

For all the above reasons and beliefs, I decided to pursue a career at Grab. After joining, one thing has become very clear to me: Grab is indeed a suitable avenue for those looking for constant challenges and an impactful job.

Can you share some of your most memorable moments at Grab?

D: Building GrabFood was no easy feat. I remember when we rolled the GrabFood Merchant App out of stealth mode. We thought that merchants would readily accept the product, but in reality it was not the case. Some of them were, but some were not comfortable to accept yet another new digital product. We exited with not many merchant sign-ups. Still, that didn’t faze us. We know that trust cannot be built in just a day.

I took a step back and thought, I really believe in my team. Our app is ready and it is worth pushing forward. Don’t give up. We regrouped, and quickly came up with a new approach to introduce the app with a customer-first mentality.

We went out again to 12 restaurants, and instead of rushing to get things done and signed off, we invested time and energy to educate and walk our merchants through how to operate the app. Slowly we gained our merchants’ trust and buy-in, and over time, they started to see returns in the form of revenue.

From just the first 12 restaurants, we slowly hit milestone after milestone: from 5000 to now more than 10,000 merchants spread across Indonesia. We’re so proud of that!

Now that you’ve been here for a while, are you still enjoying your time at GrabFood?

D: Yes, definitely. Not everyone can say they have worked on and launched an application that is used by millions of people and facilitated with solid resources. Working at Grab has pulled me into so many new and exciting directions that I could never have imagined.

I’m now able to have a career that directly impacts lives. Helping the GrabFood merchants to be successful also means improving the lives of restaurant workers, and the drivers that pick up the orders. It’s an endless cycle of good deeds that makes me feel great everyday doing this job.

Sure, work is not always rainbows and butterflies. From time to time, problems may arise. However when that happens, I can always count on my fellow Grabbers to help me out of a tough spot, even if they are based outside of Indonesia.

My dream of working in tech was really fulfilled with this role at Grab. It’s like a gateway into the great wide world of technology, and the opportunities to impact are really endless. I can assure you that you will be exposed to lots of unexpected learnings, and there will never be a boring day.

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