Global Perspective in a Local Market: the GrabRewards Team

Meet Anthony Teh, Alfred Lin and Terence Sit, the diverse team behind the GrabRewards platform, and find out what it takes to run one of the fastest-scaling Rewards Programs in Southeast Asia from a global perspective.

Tell us more about yourself, and your role in the GrabRewards team.

Terence: I’m a born and bred Singaporean and I am the Head at GrabRewards. I look after the program’s financials and how members can earn and spend points. I’ve been dealing with loyalty or rewards programs my entire career, so coming into Grab’s rewards space was a great fit for me.

Anthony: I grew up in Australia and moved to Singapore before joining Grab 4 years ago. As the Lead for GrabRewards’ Strategy & Operations, my responsibilities lie in product strategy — what features should we build for the program — and operations.

Alfred: I’m Canadian but moved to Beijing, China, where I was first drawn into the tech space. In the GrabRewards team, I focus on program redesign, program benchmarks and how our rewards program looks in comparison with others on the market.

From Right to Left: Anthony, Talent Acquisition Business Partner: Kim Chiam with her two hires, Terence and Alfred


What brought you to Grab?

Terence: Grab came across to me as a very dynamic and fast-paced company. Grab’s rewards program is probably one of the largest in the region, and it’s an incredibly rare opportunity to be part of the growth of a program as big as this so that was what really pushed me to join the company.

Anthony: At that time, it was the most exciting opportunity there was in a post-banking career. As someone who was willing to take on more risk in my career, I was more than happy to try out working for a startup because no matter the outcome, it still would’ve made for an amazing experience.

Alfred: The most exciting part is the scale and impact you get to create in the region. Grab is all about becoming the super-app, and rewards lends itself to that vision by being almost a sort of backbone which glues that whole app together.

What’s so special about working in GrabRewards?

Terence: GrabRewards is able to collect and glean large amounts of data from our users. The data collected helps us to strategise how we can make the program more relevant and personalised for our consumers. Other programs on the market that don’t necessarily get the same scale or the kind of frequency of transactions we do.

Anthony: What’s great about GrabRewards is that we are all similarly motivated individuals. Even when problems and issues inevitably crop up, I think everyone possesses a baseline motivation that’s very committed to working through those problems together.

The GrabRewards team playing a round of table-tennis in the office


What can we expect from the GrabRewards team in the near future?

Alfred: We’re really listening to our customers and we’re excited to share that there’s something currently in the works that should be able to satisfy a lot of concerns from our users that we’ve had as of recent.

Anthony: I think that over the next 12 months, we will focus on continually improving the user interface making the catalogue easier to browse and search, and reducing friction points.

The Grab Financial Group


Finally, how do you think the diversity within the team has helped to contribute to the work you’ve done?

Terence: For me, it’s about seeing how everyone that comes from such diverse backgrounds creates unique perspectives at the table. I mean, we’ve got an Australian, a Canadian, and a Singaporean, all with different working backgrounds.

Anthony: Because our work is so varied in that GrabRewards is a regional platform team, our work requires a very wide skill set. It’s almost impossible to find a candidate that has all of the boxes of that skill set checked out. There’s no super Grabber that could service the whole team by themselves, so that’s where the diversity helps.

Alfred: Adding on to that, people with different backgrounds add a lot more flavour in terms of discussion. We can always chip in to suggest solutions that have worked out in other projects or previous companies, and then take the relevant pieces of the suggestion to be distilled into a solution that’s uniquely Grab.

At Grab, we pride ourselves in opening our arms to everyone and anyone, as long as you’ve got the grit, skill and passion to make a difference in the region.

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