A Kazakh, Russian and Taiwanese Walk into the Office

We love celebrations. So this month, we take to celebrating diversity at Grab. Our mission is to Drive Southeast Asia Forward, and we want everyone on board for the ride. And when we say everyone, we mean it. Here’s to progress and inclusivity in the workplace, as we walk you through what it means to be diverse at Grab.

What exactly does diversity mean to you? For us at Grab, it’s a couple of things:


Data from 1H, 2018.

As of 2018, less than a third of jobs in tech are held by women globally. That means 70% of the world’s tech industry is male-dominated (Source: Alphabet’s Google). At Grab, we’ve changed that. We’ve got over 41% of positions in Grab held by women, an industry-leading number!

Heralding the charge in our gender equality mission is Hooi Ling, one of our Co-Founders at Grab. She, alongside with the rest of our female Grabbers, are now proud representatives of the growing movement of women working in tech.

With company groups such as Women@Grab, sharing sessions from our female leaders, visits to other tech companies (like Facebook), and other soft initiatives like senior mentorships, we’re proud of the open support system in place at Grab. We hope to continue to take strides in ensuring that the future holds much promise and opportunity for all women in the industry.


No matter your role; intern, trainee, or even a senior manager, your Grab journey begins in the same way.

We welcome each and everyone of our Grabbers through a streamlined on-boarding process. On-boarding takes up the whole of every new Grabbers’ first day, and is a chance for our People Operations Team to orientate them; such as the rundown of working culture, IT assistance, and other administration. During this period, each Grabber is also gifted with our exclusive Grab Swag Bag!

So by the time you get to your second day, you’re on the ground running ready to go, no matter your role, department, or position.


Grab serves 8 different countries in the region, has offices in 11 different cities, and hosts a staggering 46 different nationalities across all our offices.

Our diverse group of Grabbers make for an even more diverse group of opinions and minds, working together to solve region-wide problems. Not to mention, it’s also pretty cool knowing you can head for lunch with a Kazakh, a Russian and a Taiwanese, all at the same table.

Wear What You’d Like

Dress Code? Respectful. Anything else goes, especially when it’s Dress-Down-Everyday at Grab. If you feel that you code faster in your favourite t-shirt, design better in your go-to pair of jeans, or talk better in your hoodie, be our guest.

We want each Grabber to be represented not by their appearance, but by the heart and quality of their work.

In light of our regional heritage, we also have Batik Thursdays, where our Grabbers come to work donning traditional Batik-printed clothing; an homage to our unique cultural background.

Working Experiences

Grab is constantly pushing the boundaries with what can be achieved with tech, and we want to bring the same boundless energy to our working culture. There is no room for limitations here; we value everyone.

We’re proud of our flexible work arrangements which provide a much-appreciated work-life balance, and ensure that each Grabber is not limited by his or her work when it comes to the more important things in life, like health and family.

Our open concept, flat hierarchy allows for a healthy exchange of great ideas and solutions; a melting pot of innovators regardless of creed. This is embodied by our office space too! We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your working space, so we pride our Grabbers’ freedom in choosing to work wherever they choose in the office.

We hope that we’ll be able to continue creating a space at Grab that is open, inclusive and most importantly, one that makes our Grabbers feel at home.

If you think you’ve found a place for yourself here at Grab, come join us today!

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