Inside Grab China’s Office

我觉得在Grab工作最主要的是影响力,能够帮助我们开发的每一代码,都能在通过Grab这个平台能够极大的 扩大它的影响力。– 何旭东

“I think the biggest draw about working at Grab is impact. With every code that we develop, we are able to maximize and expand its impact through the Grab platform.” – He Xudong

Take a tour around our Research & Development Centre in China, and explore our working and employee culture through the perspective of 4 Grabbers – He Xudong, Gong Shang, Meng Xiangyue and Phoebe Sun.

In this video, Xiangyue talks about learning opportunities he has, while Xudong appreciates how Grab encourages innovation. Phoebe shares about the open and friendly culture. Finally, Gong Shang sums it up that Grab is a place where our jobs bring positive impact to the people in Southeast Asia. Watch the video to find out more.

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