Stories from the Tarmac: A Tale of GrabRentals

From Left to Right: Mark, Sara, SK, Hiddy

At the frontlines of our service journey, a team of Grabbers have really seen it all. Take a step out of the office and onto the tarmac, and you’ll find the GrabRentals team.

We recently took a trip to their office at Midview City to find out what it means to be the face of Grab.

We sat down with Mark (Team Lead), Sara (Senior Operations Associate), SK (Branch Operations Associate), and Hiddy (Driver Relations Associate) to hear more about the going-ons at GrabRentals.

Here are their stories.

The 79-year-old who doesn’t give up

Sara: “There was this one time when I had to manage this 79-year-old driver. Due to his age, he was unable to apply for his Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL), but even then, he didn’t give up. He went to see a General Practitioner (GP) to get his medical certification done, to prove to everyone that he is still fit enough to drive for Grab.

I loved that he showed the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude which resonated with us a lot. He even shared a lot of his experiences with me and gave me first-hand advice on how to better deal with drivers in similar situations. Overall, his passion was incredibly inspiring to me, and his experiences served as good guidance for future situations.

Photo: Sara

Unfortunately, he was still unable to get his PDVL in the end. However, he very graciously accepted the rejection and even wrote an email to my boss (Head Of GrabRentals) to thank us for the support we rendered him. The email was forwarded to our CEO by my boss, which was then responded with compliments to our team by Mr. Anthony Tan himself. That became a very pivotal moment for us, as it showed us that our efforts really do make an impact on our drivers.

We realised that even when situations seem bleak, it always helps to offer our 100% support than to take the ‘easy’ road out and tell our drivers there’s nothing we can do.”


Hiddy: “Being in Grab isn’t just ‘work’ all the time. There are many opportunities where Grabbers can contribute back to society through Grab-organised social impact events. One such event that I volunteered with is the Ramadan-On-Wheels Carnival Launch.

Throughout the 4 hour event, we partnered with our GrabRentals drivers to fetch elderly participants over from their homes to the event venue, to collect their goodie bags and join in the festivities. The entire experience was incredibly moving. I didn’t realise just how many Singaporeans did not have access to basic necessities, and knowing that we got the chance to help them was so heartwarming. What really made our day was seeing all of their genuine smiles at the end of the event!

I’ve also learnt so much from my interaction with the elderly participants –most notably, that we should never expect anything in return, and that we should only do things sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Up till now, I’ve held this experience very close to my heart and it’s still my favourite memory working at Grab. In light of my own positive experience, I really hope that Grab will continue planning such events, and engage Grabbers to start getting more actively involved in the future.”

Rain or Shine

Mark: “One of my favourite memories in my work thus far at Grab, would have to be checking out our cars at our many holding locations.

I am especially fond of my experience at Bukit Batok Crescent, where all our cars are parked on the rooftop. Being stationed on the open-air rooftop does leave the cars rather exposed to the whims of weather. So rain or shine – considering the Singaporean weather – we owe it to ourselves and our drivers to check out all our vehicles.

In conditions as such, it’s key that we work hand in hand with each other and the workshop to ensure we work quickly and efficiently. This proves that GrabRentals Operations can work anywhere, in any condition, and it makes me really proud to know I am part of this team.”

Photo: Mark

To Mecca and Back

Hiddy: “There was this once, I allowed a driver to do a temporary return of his car as he was about to perform his 2-week pilgrimage to Mecca. Temporary returns are only approved on a case-by-case basis and don’t happen very often.

After his pilgrimage, he came back to collect his car, and very thoughtfully, sent me a text to thank me for my understanding, and requested to meet me to pass me a small token of appreciation. However, I called him to decline the offer and explained to him that I was just doing my job to the best of my ability. He was really touched by the service we offered him by taking into consideration his religious circumstance and our accommodation to his situation.

Just hearing how thankful he was of our work made my whole day!”

Everyone Loves Durian

SK: “One of my favourite memories has to be when I volunteered for GrabDurian 2018! First, I am in love with the creamy, yellow fruit! But what was more interesting for me was the opportunity I had in experiencing the processes that our partners go through for the GrabFood process.

It was really eye-opening, and I’m so glad I got to meet so many Grabbers from different departments throughout the day. What’s heartening is knowing how well all of us worked together for the event and the fact that we could enjoy durian at the same time.

Food really does bring everyone together!”

Fruit Baskets

Hiddy: “There was this one case that really stuck with me, where I had to assist a driver who had gotten hospitalised only to find out, with a heavy heart, that he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. As a result, he sought us out for assistance in doing a permanent return of his car. I assisted him throughout the process and liaised with my superior to arrange for a fruit basket to be sent to his place as a notion of goodwill.

Upon receiving the fruit basket, the driver called us back to thank me personally for the much-appreciated kind afterthought.

Photo: Hiddy

I think it’s the little gestures like this that really make my work in Driver Relations so much more fulfilling. His appreciation drives me to assist my drivers even better, and help them in any way that I can.”

Be the Change You Want to See

SK: “My colleague and I were talking for the longest time about building a one-stop resource to help onboard newcomers into our team. After much deliberation, we realised that if we wanted something, who better to make it happen than ourselves? So finally, we got down to setting it all up.

It’s still a work in progress, but we can see how it has helped accelerate the onboarding process for our new colleagues. It really goes to show how much you can achieve if you have the passion and will to do it.”

Photo: SK

Working on the ground where all the action happens is anything but easy, but we owe it to our amazing GrabRentals team to muscle through it all.

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