Summer 2018: The Grab Internship Experience

From Left to Right: Jia Min Leong (Data Analytics Intern), Leah Lim (Software Engineer Intern) and Marcus Tan (Data Analytics Intern)

It’s summer break 2018, and one group of students are busy rolling up their sleeves for what is to come during their internship at Grab. From projects to presentations and even overseas work trips, we caught up with some of our interns to find out what it’s like to work at Southeast Asia’s leading and most dynamic tech firm.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we welcomed 27 local and international undergraduates into our doors.

For Kai En Koh, a Regional Loyalty Marketing Intern, her time at Grab was not only her first internship experience, but also her first step into the tech world.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I joined Grab as this was my first internship. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to have met such friendly and patient colleagues during my time here. The working culture here is so refreshing and open, it’s really helped me to learn so much more, and so much quicker during my journey.

Coming in as an intern, I thought I would be left on the sidelines, but I have truly gotten the chance to immerse myself in projects and interact with managers based in different countries across the region. Interning at a tech firm has truly been an eye-opening experience for me.”

These experiences included tours at Grab’s Driver Centre in Sin Ming, Sit-In Sessions with the Customer Experience team, and even a Mid-Internship Presentation. Not to mention the Friday Evening ‘Happy Hours’, Ask-Me-Anything Sessions, and other Grab events… the list goes on (like really long). We asked Liane Tan, a People Engagement Intern to run us through what her time at Grab looked like.

“One of the more memorable experiences I had was when we went down to the Sin Ming offices to sit in with the Customer Experience (CE) team. We got a chance to shadow these CE agents, and really understand how critical their roles were especially in a service-oriented place like Grab.

What was even more eye-opening for me, was when we got to sit-in for the drivers’ onboarding process, as this is something most of us wouldn’t have gotten a chance to experience unless we become drivers ourselves. It was incredibly insightful to see the level at which the team operates to support our drivers, be it driver relations management or aftercare support.

This allows us to better understand the business, and create more impactful and relevant decisions in our own roles.”

People Engagement Intern, Liane Tan, giving her Mid-Internship Presentation

Aside from work, our interns also found the time to connect with each other, especially through the programme’s Mid-Internship presentation and the office’s open concept working style.

“Midway through our internship, we were all asked to give a 3-minute presentation to update each other on what we’ve been working on thus far. It was exceedingly insightful, getting exposed to projects and ideas from different departments, considering how different all of our roles were!

It was also really nice to see the camaraderie between all of us develop, even though very few of us got to work together on a day-to-day basis. We always made it a point to keep up with each other by meeting in the pantry, over lunch and even do Friday dinners. By the end of the internship, we ended up bonding with not just our own teams, but with each other as well,” said Liane.

Grab’s services and operations impact cities across Southeast Asia, and the same goes for the work our interns do. For Sean Koh, a postgraduate from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, his role as a Post-Merger Integration Intern, travelling around the region for work is another new and invaluable experience to him. After his internship, Sean was offered a chance to continue his work at Grab as a Trainee, and carry on working and developing the projects he was tasked with as an intern.

“My work brings me regionally, to places like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and so on,” Sean elaborates. Working in the multiple Grab offices in the region and collaborating with the local Grabbers is part and parcel of what Sean needs to do in his projects, which presents him with the ability to both create regional impact in his work, and see the impact for himself. We invited Sean to bring us along for the journey, and record his experience travelling to Grab’s Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City.

It has been humbling to witness the growth each and every one of our interns has enjoyed during their journey with Grab, and how unique each of their experiences has been. If you’d like to know more about the rest of our amazing intern crew, check out our 2018 Intern Feature to learn more, and find out what you can expect as a fresh Grabber intern/trainee.

As with all good things, they must come to an end. So from all of us here at Grab, we want to give a big thanks to the wonderful team of interns that we’ve had the pleasure to spend our Summer of 2018 with.

With that, we can’t wait to see what our next batch of interns have in store for us! Will you be the next one to shape Grab for the better come 2019?

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