Work is About Making an Impact, Not Only Making an Income

Kudo is building Indonesia by creating thousands of digital entrepreneurs. As a technology company, Kudo has established an Online to Offline (O2O) technology platform that connects online merchants with offline customers through a network of agents. Kudo has a Sales and Marketing team that is responsible for recruiting and helping these agents become digital entrepreneurs.

We recently met up with Sondang Benny Damora, Head of Regional who handles Sales and Marketing in West Indonesia. Sondang Benny shared with us what made him motivated and excited to help agents.

Tell us about your role.

Sondang Benny: “I help agents become digital entrepreneurs through the Kudo App. The Sales and Marketing team recruits agents in Indonesia. What the team and I need to do is to ensure the agents do the sales process with a good strategy so that they can get sufficient income.”

What do you do with the agents?

SB: “I visit our agents regularly. I interact directly with them to find out what is good and what still needs to be improved. Agents will explain a lot of things such as obstacles that occur when transacting. They share the complaints that they get from customers, and what features they expect to be able to help them deal with customers. From these conversations, I will make an improvement plan so the agents know that Kudo and I are seriously listening to their needs and try to solve the obstacles that exist.

When interacting with agents, we don’t only discuss the Kudo App, but also other things. We talk about their families, their short-term business plans, their daily activities. Why do I do that? Because I am aware that agents will feel comfortable when we as providers give more attention to them. For this kind of business, a personal approach is very important. Providing competitive prices is interesting, but it can be easily defeated by competitors.  If we build a good relationship with them, it can make them comfortable and loyal to our products.”

What is your team currently focusing on?

SB: “We are focusing on the number of agents and the number of agent transactions. I ensure that the target can be achieved in the right way and process. If we don’t do it properly, targets can be achieved, but usually the results will not last long. Therefore, I always remind the team that even if the target given is high enough, the process must be carried out correctly. The process never betrays the results.

I often remind my team that our goals are always about two things. First is the company’s target. The second, which is not less important, is the target of the agent. Why? Because we will not be able to reach the company’s target if the agent’s target is not reached. This is why we must help agents to achieve their target.

Supporting the company’s progress means we have helped agents become digital entrepreneurs. Helping agents become digital entrepreneurs means we are making a positive impact on Indonesian people.

So if the team thinks the target given is too high, then they must remember their beliefs again. Believe that this can help the agent. Believe that they can give the best results. And believe that with the right process, the target can be achieved.”

Share some memorable experiences in your work.

SB: “In Aceh, there is an agent who held a wedding and he made a custom Kudo vehicle as their bride’s vehicle.

A Kudo agent with a custom-made Kudo vehicle
A Kudo agent who shaved the letters “K-U-D-O” onto his head

In Palembang, during a Kudo gathering, there is an agent who shaved his hair into Kudo’s writing. They did this because they felt that Kudo had taught them about business and the Kudo app gave benefit to them. They are also pleased with the relationships built by the Sales team. These things make them comfortable and loyal to Kudo.”

What impact do you think you and your team have created?

SB: “I think we helped many Indonesian people to become more familiar with technology. We created thousands of digital entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Not only recruiting them as agents, but also helping them to transact comfortably so that they can get sufficient income.

I believe that the agents now also believe in Kudo’s mission. Through Kudo, we want to do our part in advancing Indonesia’s technological capability and create a lasting impact for millions. I’m honoured to be able to serve and give more to the Indonesian people.”

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