Curiosity Creates Opportunity


Originally from Melbourne, Ruby Pryor tells us how she came to move to Singapore and how her naturally curious personality found its perfect home at Grab.


I’ve always been a naturally curious person, I want to know not just how things work but why they’re like that. Why do some people think or act a certain way and others do things entirely differently? To a certain extent curiosity was part of the reason I left my home in Melbourne and moved to Singapore – it was sort of “That looks interesting, let’s have a look!”.

To some degree curiosity is a prerequisite for my role at Grab. Curiosity is also central to the way Grab approaches its business. We don’t think we automatically know what’s best for our consumers – we want to understand them, talk to them, dive deeper into what matters to them. It’s only then that we start to think about how we best solve the issues they’re facing, work out what we can do to make their lives that little bit easier. And it never stops! We’re on an endless journey of constant improvement. 

Experience was what I was looking for when I left Melbourne for Singapore. In two ways. I was looking for new challenges in my career but also new life experiences.  I love Melbourne, it will  always be my home, but there’s so much of the world for me to still experience and explore. 

Here in Singapore you really feel you’re in the very centre of things. There are so many different places that are easily accessible from the Lion City. Living here is a brilliant opportunity for me to explore and to discover new things. That’s something that wouldn’t be possible for me if it wasn’t for Grab’s attitude to work. It was clear from the get go that you can and should immerse yourself in work but that shouldn’t be to the detriment of the rest of your life. There’s such a huge value placed on family, friends and living your best life here. It feels natural to take advantage of it.

The opportunities to grow and learn at Grab are endless. I’m constantly in awe of the people that I work with and the way we do things. When you add to that the freedom to be able to grab new life experiences along the way, I’m living a great life. 

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