Embracing Challenges, Experiencing Growth


During my six-year adventure at Grab, I’ve had the chance to grow and transform, both as a professional and as a person. Working as a Mobile Engineer – Android, I’ve been part of many different teams. My journey, to put it mildly, has been quite the rollercoaster. When I first joined, one of the hurdles I had to overcome was getting used to a new domain of expertise and technology. The platform and tech I was comfortable with were different from what was required here. But thanks to the support of my teammates, I was able to navigate these obstacles. Today, I look back and feel thankful for the guidance I received during my early days.

Our company has the 4Hs values. Heart, hunger, honour, and humility. These are not just words to us. We live by them. Even when we have tight deadlines, we make time to help each other out. We cultivated a culture of asking questions. We share knowledge. I’ve learned a lot in this dynamic environment. I’ve learned to be independent, knowing I have a great team to back me up. 

Throughout my years here, we’ve had tech talks, forums, and discussions, spreading across different teams. These outlets were invaluable for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and learning from each other’s experiences. It didn’t matter where we were located; all mobile engineers actively contributed to this culture of shared learning.

Grab is more than work. We’ve done team-building activities. We’ve planted saplings at a farm. We’ve had team dinners. We’ve hosted family meals in our office. Our team has a common meeting place, a cafe, to gather and discuss. Grab is a place where you can grow professionally and personally. You can solve intriguing problems at work, but you can also spend ample time with your family.

Looking back, I can say that joining Grab was a great decision. It was like jumping into the unknown, but it turned out to be a great journey. It has provided me with the chance to work on challenging problems, learn from knowledgeable colleagues, and integrate work-life and home-life well. It’s a company where you can grow professionally without sacrificing your personal life, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it has provided me over the years.