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What makes a dream job? Is it something that connects us with our life goals? Or something that brings purpose to our passion? Finding it takes patience, trial and error, and a clear vision of where we see ourselves in the future. Take it from Grabbers Rizka, Naufalia and Kemal, who have found fulfilling opportunities at Grab, and will offer us some first-hand experience on what they think a dream job is made up of.

Kemal, Naufalia, and Rizka feel that they have found their dream job at Grab.

Rizka, our Strategic Collaboration Manager at Grab, handles both internal and external business partnerships to increase the number of services Grab can offer.

Naufalia, or you can call her Nova, is a Communication Specialist in City Growth. She spends her time creating content and crafting programmes that help build positive relationships between Grab and our driver partners.

Last but not least, our Operations Strategy and Control Lead,  Kemal, is responsible for keeping track of targets and Key Performance Indexes (KPI) that our driver partners aim to fulfil.

A job you have genuine interest in

When Grab first started gaining popularity among their peers, our three Grabbers found their interest piqued. The impact that Grab had on their community was so visible and so real – suddenly their city started to look very “green”.

Rizka started wondering how Grab managed to keep such a complex system – ride-hailing in Indonesia – run so smoothly. “I saw a sea of drivers in front of the train station every time I went to work. And I was so curious about how Grab manages their driver partners and how the whole business model works.”

Curiosity led to tangible interest in starting a career with Grab, and after applying, all three of them managed to clinch a spot in our Indonesian offices. But what is it about working at Grab that they love so much?

Grabbers are encouraged to think outside the box and help each other.

A job that makes you feel appreciated and valued

Working at Grab gives Nova the freedom to be herself and express her ideas openly. Being able to do so creates an environment where everyone is encouraged to innovate and challenge the status quo. No idea is a bad idea. “What I love about it is that my colleagues make me feel appreciated and valued,” she added.

Most importantly, Grabbers have each other’s backs and problems get resolved faster with more hands on deck. Kemal noticed that whenever more work gets underway, everyone on the team pitches in to achieve their goals together.

A job that allows you to give back to society

Being part of such a fast growing company is no walk in the park. There are times when challenges seem impossible to overcome, and even the most well-made plans seem to fail. Despite frustrating roadblocks, Grabbers choose to stay because at the end of the day, “we’re really helping people.”

During engagement events, Grabbers get to interact and connect with driver partners.

Through various engagement initiatives, our three Grabbers have got the chance to interact with driver partners and listen to their stories. Some partners even come up to thank them personally, or post thank you notes on Facebook.

Rizka recalls a story she encountered. “A driver once told me that because of Grab, he now has the ability to fund education for his children to attend one of the top schools in the country.”

Having a real interest in their job, seeing the impact of their work, and feeling appreciated are just some of the reasons our Grabbers feel that they truly “grabbed” a dream job.

How about you? Think you can find a dream job at Grab too?

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