Growing With Grab feat. Adelind Teng

Internal Mobility is common across large tech companies. According to LinkedIn data, internal mobility participation has increased by 10% over the past 5 years. At Grab, we encourage our Grabbers to explore roles within the company as it helps in their professional growth and development. “Growing with Grab” is a series on our career blog where we chat with Grabbers who have done internal mobility and scaled to greater heights in their career development. Kickstarting off this series is Adelind Teng, who was previously from the Social Care and Engagement team and is now currently in the role of Operations Excellence Coordinator in the People Experience team!

Adelind joined Grab back in September 2017 as a Social Care and Engagement Specialist, and her role included representing Grab Singapore on the social media sphere to engage and outserve Grab’s online community of users.

From having to mediate Grab users’ negative experiences to anticipating and preparing for high volumes of engagement traffic during peak periods, Adelind’s role involved a lot of communication and external engagement with the public on social media, and she learnt a lot on how a customer’s perception of a brand is supported by engagement specialists such as herself. “Listening to our users express themselves on the various social platforms gave us very authentic insight on our users’ sentiments on changes in policies and products.”

During her time in the Social Care team, there were a few occasions where the team was extremely overwhelmed with a high volume of customer feedback on our social media platforms. It wasn’t an easy time for her and her team. “However, the team gathered together to be a pillar of support for each other, and these times were also uplifted through online users reaching out with lovely and encouraging messages. I am glad to be part of the team which exuded the 4Hs so well and also exhibited #YPIMP (your problem is my problem) to our online community. My first two years at Grab was definitely challenging but fulfilling, which motivated me to seeing how I could further my career within the company by considering internal mobility.”


Social Care and Engagement Team (Photo taken in 2019)

After two years in her first role within the Social Care and Engagement Specialist team, Adelind decided to look internally for another role to expand her skill set and explore other ways towards driving Southeast Asia forward through her work at Grab. She chanced upon the opening for Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist through our internal workplace channel, and she felt an innate desire to apply for it. She first consulted her then-manager, Minch, who was very supportive and encouraging on her decision to switch to another team within Grab. Her desired role required her to have good internal stakeholder relations and change management skills, and it was in a different team altogether.

Adelind recalls, “It was hard to broach on this topic with my manager initially. However, I plucked up my courage, and I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction and I am very grateful that she responded the way she did.”

Adelind with her current Operations Excellence team, previously named Talent Acquisition Operations team (Photo taken January 2020)

Adelind’s manager provided her with the confidence and encouragement despite her initial doubts, and she eventually decided to take a leap of faith and apply for the Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist role within Grab. Adelind’s transfer process went smoothly, and she attributes it to her hiring manager, Nanda. “She was a proponent of excellent candidate experience, and she displayed this in every stage of my candidate journey. My personal candidate’s experience further affirmed my decision to join the team as I wanted to be part of this excellent team to help create the best possible experience for our candidates, interviewers and recruiters.”

Internal Mobility is something we encourage Grabbers to consider when it comes to career development. Interested in joining the Grab family? Check out our open roles below!