Growing with Grab: Keeping Grab’s platforms secure and fraud-free 


From call centre operations to fraud investigation, Phuong Linh’s career with Grab has been nothing short of exciting over the past eight years. 


In November 2021, she took on her latest stint as a Ground Intel Analyst, in the Trust, Identity and Safety (TIS) team. She collects on-ground information as part of fraud investigation to ensure a secure environment for consumers on Grab’s platform in Vietnam. 


Prior to joining TIS, Linh was part of the Vietnam operations team, overseeing law enforcement and engagement within the local community of driver and merchant-partners to ensure smooth operations. Her first role at Grab in 2014 was within the Vietnam customer support team. 


What has been consistent throughout her roles at Grab? A positive and enthusiastic work culture. 


“The people are the ‘heart’ of the company. Everyone has been kind and supportive throughout my rotations across the three teams over the past eight years. Speaking with my team leaders feels like chatting with friends. That’s why I have stayed at Grab for as long as I have.” 


Another draw is the flexible work arrangement that her current role in the TIS team offers, and she can design her work schedule around taking care of her two sons. Come weekends, Linh enjoys spending time with her family by making grocery runs together, visiting the playground with her kids, and spending time at her parents’ home. 



Looking ahead, Linh aspires to pick up and develop more technical skills within the TIS team. “I’m excited about the upcoming projects and equipping myself with more tech-savvy skills.” 


Why did you decide to switch to a new team at Grab?

I was looking for an opportunity to develop my technical skills and expand my knowledge in another field. My past roles were mainly operations-based, so I wanted to get more experience working in the TIS team. Besides that, I also wanted to expand my job scope to a regional level and learn about a new field of work. 

I spoke with my then-prospective team leader before applying for the role, and she got me excited by sharing more about the team’s work on fraud prevention on our platform in Vietnam. 


How did you know about this internal mobility opportunity?

My teammate in my previous role at Grab worked closely with the TIS team, and alerted me about the opportunity. Both of us believed I’d be a good fit so I decided to apply for the position and went through three rounds of interviews with the TIS team. 


How was your onboarding experience with the new team?

I had a month to familiarise myself and learn more about the job scope and responsibilities of my new team before I officially started my new role. My new teammates were welcoming and happy to guide me on the workings of the new team. And just after a month or so, I started work and contributing independently. 


What’s your most memorable experience at Grab?

I took part in an on-ground fraud investigation and managed to successfully block fraudulent activities from happening on the Grab app. That was definitely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences I’ve had working at Grab. 


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