Growing with Grab: Management Trainee Programme

At some point in our lives, we will all go through a journey of self-development and self-improvement. This journey may have its ups and downs, but taking a leap of faith can be a game-changer.

Nine trainees took that leap to join our Grab Management Trainee Programme, a well-rounded developmental experience that will equip them with practical job skills, and connect them with industry professionals. They will also do on-the-job training rotations in several Indonesian cities – to expose them to the various Grab service verticals, and get a feel of the local people and culture.

We spoke to a few of the trainees to find out more about their time spent at Grab.

A Whole New World

From day one, the trainees were launched into an unfamiliar world, one that encouraged (and pushed) them to take on a whole new perspective. Where they were simply customers before, they now had to put themselves in the shoes of the business.

To achieve this new mindset, hands-on experience – like meeting the drivers and passengers – was essential. Connecting directly with the people Grab impacts everyday would allow these trainees to truly serve the community in the months to come.

Rizal, Mila and Murthada took part in the Grab Management Trainee program in Indonesia.

Mila reflected on what she had learnt: “Working at Grab opened my eyes to a whole new world. It’s an entirely different field. I got to learn about local operations, and Grab’s unique business model. Interacting with the drivers and passengers also made me realise that Grab is indeed helping them to survive.”

“I have to push myself when it comes to working. New exposure from the field helped me maximise my experience in data analysis.”  Rizal added.

Trainees get to showcase their learnings and brush up on public speaking.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Trainees are tasked with real projects with real impact, and sometimes they will find themselves stuck at roadblocks. With the support of experienced mentors, the trainees are pushed to face challenges head-on and utilise skills they would not have discovered otherwise. Mentors often can help trainees open new doors, maximise their potential and inspire them to achieve their goals.

“I respect my mentor, Tyas Widiastuti. She has excellent communication skills and establishes clear goals to me. She also taught me ways to improve my presentation skills, and advised that I should learn to see things from other perspectives.” Sidiq, another trainee, shared.

Mila’s mentor, Hervy, allowed her to be herself, which in turn increased her confidence and happiness at work.

Mentors share not only professional knowledge, but also incredible insights on life, like “Keep a low profile, but get a high profit.”

Solid Life Lessons

During their time spent in the Management Trainee Programme, the trainees picked up some solid life lessons. Murtadha said: “To do well in this programme, I had to understand the dynamics of the city I live in – the character of life, social interaction, and the urban habitat. Now with my new knowledge, I can be more proactive and take greater initiatives at work.”

The trainees also found in each other life-long friend who would not hesitate to lend a helping hand. They still regularly come together for date nights and video calls to catch up and stay connected. Through this shared experience, they are now #GrabFriendsForever.

This is just the start of our trainees’ journey. It is merely the beginning of their quest to solve real-world problems and outserve their local communities. From all of us at Grab, we wish them nothing but the best for the exciting adventures that await them in their very bright future.

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