Inside Grab Bangalore’s Office

Take a tour through our Bangalore office and find out why the Grabbers here love their job! From their favourite hang-out spot, to the impact that they make on the region, each Grabber has a unique take on what it means to work at Grab Bangalore.

Our offices have evolved beyond just a place for work – they are also places where Grabbers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with a new friend. As a Senior Software Engineer, Arpit Gupta’s favourite space in the office is the cafeteria.

“Whenever I need a break from work, I go for a quick table tennis match. It helps me relieve stress, and is also a great place to get to know other teams. The competitive spirit of the game always refreshes me.”

For Dhivya Rathinam, a Full Stack Software Engineer, her favourite part about working at Grab is multi-tasking. The fast pace of business at Grab means that she doesn’t have to worry about getting bored here. On a daily basis, she not only works on developing Grab’s services, but also has to follow up with other teams to make sure projects are aligned and running smoothly.

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