2-time Internal Mobility Grabber: Vincent’s journey at Grab

“Growing with Grab” is a series on our career blog where we chat with Grabbers who have done internal mobility and have scaled to greater heights in their career development. Check out Adelind’s move from the Social Care and Engagement team to the People Experience team here!

In this second part of our ‘Growing with Grab’ series, we speak with Vincent Lok, a Grabber who has done internal mobility in the organization – twice! He started his journey at Grab in the GrabPay Operations team, before moving to the Demand Planning and Marketing Strategy (DPMS) team for over two years. After his second Internal Mobility in Grab, he is currently the Assistant Manager of the Regional Demand Optimization team, which focuses more on the regional country marketplace, with greater emphasis on strategic approach, standardizing processes and driving efficiency on operations.

Vincent joined the GrabPay Operations team back in March 2017 and was based in Kuala Lumpur. He transferred into the DPMS team in November 2017 for career progression and remained in the DPMS team for over a year, where he primarily focused on day to day operations for Demand Generation in the Southeast Asia region. He also acted as the subject matter expert on different products used to generate demand in the market. Vincent summarizes his time in the DPMS team as “the craziest roller coaster ride of my life where I learnt how important data accuracy is in managing and shaping operations.”

Vincent’s previous team – Demand Planning and Marketing Strategy 

During Vincent’s time in DPMS, he was relocated to Grab’s HQ in Singapore as his role required him to work closely with project managers and engineers that are mostly based in Singapore. When asked about his thoughts on moving to Singapore, Vincent comments “I miss Malaysia’s Ramly burgers! (laughs) But I am thankful to Grab for relocating me to Singapore, which empowered me to work more efficiently alongside my key stakeholders.”

After two years and three months in the DPMS team, Vincent was asked to join the newly formed Regional Demand Optimization team. He recognized the opportunity to work on a more central role to focus on strategic initiatives to help countries optimize spend, standardizing Standards of Procedures (SOPs) for operations on demand generation products and exposure to products.

Vincent then initiated a few conversations with his manager, as well as Department Head on his potential internal transfer. “They were very positive on this, there was no pushback and there was sufficient time given for handover before moving onto the new role. Two weeks before moving over to the new team, I was even entrusted with an interview for hiring by my managers.”

With the support from his manager, Vincent eventually decided to join the Demand Optimization team as the Assistant Manager, “The transition and process was smooth. Although it is a new work environment, the team is made up of the stakeholders I worked with in my previous team. The transition also gave me the chance to work alongside some of the brightest talents in the company.”

Vincent’s current team – Regional Demand Optimization

Previously, Vincent’s role revolved around focusing more on day to day operations, whereas his current role has a stronger strategic element of driving product conversations with tech families. Vincent shares, “I’m currently working on driving more business process improvements and automation for demand generation products from an operations perspective.” He adds, “I’m enjoying the new role so far. My stakeholders and teammates are always there to provide support and feedback. My manager is very supportive and she is always there to share useful pointers with me when I need guidance.”

As a Grabber who has done internal mobility twice in three different teams, Vincent also encourages others to embrace internal mobility within the organization. “Grabbers should always look for the opportunity internally and look into the impact that they could potentially bring to the team, company and society as a whole. Not to forget, always look for a new role that could challenge the status quo within the team, the company or yourself. Grab is definitely one of the best places for you to learn and grow!”

Internal Mobility is something we encourage Grabbers to consider when it comes to career development. Interested in joining the Grab family? Check out our open roles below!