Let’s Show Some Grabtitude

What is Grabtitude? It is a “Grabber’s Attitude” – a positive work ethic that we want to celebrate;  it’s also a play on the word “gratitude”. As Grabbers work hard everyday, we want to make sure that they feel appreciated and take time to invest in themselves too. Thus Grabtitude Day was born.

In March this year, Grabbers across 10 countries celebrated learning, connecting and recharging on Grabtitude Day. For those of you who missed out this time, here’s a recap of what went down on our first energy-packed Grabtitude Day.


Singaporean Grabbers trying their hand at some watercolour painting.

Grabbers can be great teachers too! Especially when they get to showcase their talents and share them with everyone. From Excel skills to taking Insta-worthy pictures, there was something for everyone to add to their repertoire. Grabbers in Singapore got to splash out some ideas in a watercolour painting session led by a fellow Grabber. In Bangalore, we got treated to a live band performance by our very own colleagues.

In full “Grabber-teach-Grabber-learn” style, classes led by our very own gave everyone a chance to see how iron can indeed sharpen iron. We got to try our hands at a new hobby and be inspired by our peers’ passion. How cool is it to learn that your table partner is actually a pro Krav Maga instructor in their free time?

Bringing Grabbers Together

Burying our heads in our screens may help with productivity, but it certainly doesn’t help us make friends! Grabtitude Day was also about bringing Grabbers together to connect with and get to know each other beyond “Hi-Byes” at the pantry. Ever heard of coffee speed-networking? Grabbers got to meet new faces and make some solid connections beyond their familiar team, all with a fresh cup of coffee served by an in-house barista.

Grabbers in Thailand chose to get to know each other while helping some stray pups find their forever homes, while our counterparts in China Grab-Wheeled their way through Beijing on an epic treasure hunt that got their blood pumping.

Refuelling after a day of activities with fellow Grabbers.
Grabbers gave out Thank You cards and stickers to fellow Grabbers who made an impact on their journey with Grab.
Grabbers in Thailand giving some love to our furry friends at a dog shelter.

Rest and Recharge

On Grabtitude Day, relaxing can also be an engaging experience, a fresh change from zooming to meetings and jabbing away at our keyboards. Fancy some Yoga or Pilates with your fellow Grabbers? Or perhaps some meditation and a stress management workshop?

Grabbers in Malaysia got to release steam and work up a sweat at the same time with a kickboxing class, and then refuel with some yummy bites, while our friends over in Beijing got their zen on with a meditation workshop. These activities provided Grabbers the time to reflect, re-evaluate, and refresh themselves, all in good company.

Malaysian Grabbers kickboxing in the office pantry.

Grabtitude Day was definitely a change from our usual work schedule. Grabbers worldwide took the time to relax, recharge and connect – motivating us to do even better in the months to come. We also appreciated each other more and realised the importance of investing time in ourselves.

Missed out on this Grabtitude Day? Don’t worry – get set for some networking, learning and recharging at our next edition, coming up soon in September 2019. And for all you future Grabbers, what are you waiting for? Join us now!

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