How we do good… better.

Diversity & Inclusion

When we say all life we mean all life. That means that we welcome diverse perspectives and experiences. Because that’s what makes the difference. That’s how we spread opportunity within Grab and to our partners. It’s not a box ticking exercise, it’s who we are.

The opportunity for a little fun

The work’s our passion, but it’s not the be all and end all of life. So we make sure there’s plenty of room for a little fun as well. You’ll get to know your team, be a part of their lives, hopefully even count them as your friends - because that’s what life’s all about.

Grab more than just a job

We’re big fans of potential and so we like to match it with opportunity. That’s when a job becomes a career and when that career really takes off. You’ll get the opportunity to grow your skills while you solve real issues across the region – changing your own life and those of people around you, for the better.

Good starts here

We start and end with the inclusivity of opportunity. We’re committed to designing and building accessible experiences for everyone – ones that work with assistive technologies and meet the standards set by the Web Accessibility Initiative.

All together now

You can call it collaboration, you can call it teamwork, we just call it life at Grab. We work together, as one, because that’s how we can all achieve the best results. That’s how we change lives in Southeast Asia.

Grab life with both hands: how we're getting there

A better life for everyone

At Grab we want to ensure that everyone, from partners to staff can have the best opportunity to achieve economic empowerment in order to lead a better life. To achieve this lofty ambition we operate with what we call our 4 Hs - Heart, Hunger, Honour and Humility.

Heart, Hunger, Honour and Humility

Heart - to serve our communities and each other. Hunger - Achieving our mission requires grit and drive. Honour - Trust in Grab makes our mission possible. Humility - acknowledging that we are all a work in progress.

We open opportunities for everyone

We build and grow markets that everyday entrepreneurs can both participate and thrive in. We create opportunities for a better life.

We're in it for the long haul

We’re building for the future for everyone, so at every step we make sure what we do is both sustainable and has long term impact.

ESG Annual
Report 2022

Our latest Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report is out. A decade since the launch of the first iteration of our app in 2012, we now have 1 in 20 people in Southeast Asia using Grab services, and millions of everyday entrepreneurs trusting us to help them access earning opportunities.

Read how we’re helping to create sustainable partner livelihoods, build a safe and trusted platform and contribute to a lasting planet.