#NeverMissAMeal – Grabbers’ Edition


Against the backdrop of the ever-evolving Covid-19 situation, 2021 saw its fair share of movement restrictions across Southeast Asia. This meant apart from taking ride-hailing bookings, many of our driver-partners had also started to deliver food and grocery to supplement their earnings. Our delivery-partners were also clocking in more deliveries for people who were working from home or unable to dine out due to local regulations. 

In recognition of their hard work, Grabbers showed their gratitude to our driver-partners through the ‘#NeverMissAMeal – Grabber Edition’ campaign! 

This saw Grabbers across seven markets in Southeast Asia treat our driver-partners to well-deserved meals or drinks. To show our gratitude to even more of our partners, we encouraged our Grabbers to order from local merchant-partners to support small businesses at the same time. Last year, more than 800 Grabbers participated in the campaign and our driver-partners received over 10,000 USD worth of meals altogether.

This initiative is an extension of our #NeverMissAMeal campaign that has been running since 2019. It all started in Vietnam when we realised that our driver-partners were always doing their best to serve our consumers, especially during the lunch hour and in turn, miss having their own lunches. To encourage them to #NeverMissAMeal, we started a partnership with selected merchant-partners to offer discounted meals to our driver-partners. In some countries, users on the Grab app can also buy meals for driver-partners. 

We would like to thank our driver- and merchant-partners for their hard work in serving our Southeast Asia communities come rain or shine throughout the pandemic! 


In Bangkok, our Thai Grabbers organised an on-ground #NeverMissAMeal activation where they distributed meals, drinks and snacks to driver-partners in the city. A total of 7,650 meals were given out during this special one-day event. Besides spreading cheer through food, our Grabbers in Bangkok also prepared Thank You cards for our driver-partners to show their appreciation for their everyday hustle in 2021. 



In other parts of Southeast Asia, our Grabbers participated in the campaign through our Grab platform.


In Singapore, Michael Silitonga, Head of Internal Audit participated in the #NeverMissAMeal campaign by sending a roasted chicken set meal, a local favourite, to a driver-partner.

I’m super proud to be a part of the superapp platform that not only co-creates but genuinely cares for its driver-partners, and makes an effort to look after them so that they #NeverMissAMeal. It’s a small part for us to play, but the heartwarming and heartfelt messages received from them assure me that I’m in a superb organisation that continues to spur innovation that supports our mission to drive Southeast Asia forward.” – Michael


Another Grabber in Singapore, Tan Jun Kai, Senior Product Manager made the days of three driver-partners.  He shares: “Over the past year,  we might have lost the “human touch” with our driver-partners due to contactless delivery. But thankfully, with this #NeverMissAMeal campaign, every Grabber can now thank them for their hard work by treating them to a meal! I hope that those who received the meal are happier and know that we have not forgotten about them. P.S.: Ordering a McSpicy will never go wrong.”



Echoing Jun Kai’s sentiment is Hui Hui Chong from the Talent Acquisition team. 

“When this #NeverMissAMeal initiative came up, I knew I was going to jump right in. It is a small part for us Grabbers to play; ordering a meal and gifting it to the driver-partner who accepted the order,”

She adds: “Seeing these heartfelt messages from our driver-partners who are out there delivering warm meals to consumers, rain or shine, gives me so much motivation to continue to do what I do – to support our mission to create economic empowerment for everyone in Southeast Asia. I am glad to be part of the #OneGrabCommunity.”

Grabbers all play a vital role in improving the communities in Southeast Asia. If this mission speaks to you, join our fun and dedicated family by checking out open roles on our careers site now!