Onboarding Intern to Regional L&D Specialist: Jia Jun’s Journey With Grab


November 2020 – Finding a Place to call Home

While doing my undergraduate studies in Human Resource Management at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, I was extremely thankful to find out I had been shortlisted for an Onboarding internship with Grab’s People Operations team. As someone who has always been interested in the tech space and have a strong passion for people, I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to try out for the Onboarding position. Grab had always stuck out to me as an organisation that was making its mark in the forefront of the industry and getting a chance to be a part of that was thrilling. I resonated deeply with their approach of using tech to drive social impact across Southeast Asia. Following an interview that I had rigorously prepared for, I received an email the next day congratulating me for landing the internship. 


January 2020 – Taking the Plunge

As an intern in the onboarding team, I would help drive the onboarding programme meant for new full-time employees, ensuring that all new Grabbers had the resources and support available to them as they begin their journey with us. By the end of my first month, I was taught how to facilitate the programme and support the operational responsibilities of running activities, ranging from GrabFood deliveries and Grab car experiences, to business presentations and departmental sharings. As quickly as I was being exposed to new information, I’ve always felt like I had support from my team. The members of the Onboarding team would constantly check in with me to ensure I was coping, while sharing their knowledge and providing advice that I still carry with me till this day.


*Taken before COVID-19 social distancing measures


Just as I was starting to find my footing, the Onboarding team was made to be part of the larger Learning & Development (L&D) team. As daunting as it was, a larger team also presented more opportunities and networks to learn from. I was granted opportunities to participate in discussions and support various learning offerings that were available to Grabbers, beyond my regular onboarding duties. As I slowly began to warm up to the L&D team, I found myself also appreciating the diversity of team members. My team consisted of Grabbers from all parts of the world with vastly different experiences. It was a wonderful blend of personalities that made our interactions unique, allowing me to grow not only professionally but it also helped open my eyes to things around the world as well.


*Taken before COVID-19 social distancing measures


March 2020 – From Office Tasks to Homes and Masks

The fun I had learning from my colleagues and other interns was, however, cut short when we transitioned to mandatory work-from-home practices in light of the worsening COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the initiatives to help Grabbers adapt and cope with the transition, I was placed in a task force to create a COVID-19 Grabber Care Microsite that served as a one-stop resource for information that would help Grabbers better manage the uncertainty around the pandemic. In the remaining three days we had in the office before working from home, the team worked tirelessly to launch the internal microsite for Grabbers. I remember feeling extremely heartened as different teams across Grab came together to work towards the common goal of creating a site for internal communications, resources on staying connected with teams and much more information that would help with adapting to the changes around us. As everyone started bidding each other goodbye on the final day before offices closed, I truly felt like I was a part of something special, watching how everyone selflessly spent their last few days in the office working around commitments to push for an initiative that would be beneficial to Grabbers. Till this day, it is one of my fondest memories working at Grab.


My remaining three months would be spent navigating Onboarding remotely as Singapore moved into a mandatory circuit breaker, and one thing I’ve learnt was  that ideas are never shunned away. Whenever anyone proposed ideas, no matter how adventurous or different, we would always have insightful discussions on whether it was truly possible before deciding on our next steps. Even as an intern, I felt like I was a contributing team member and my team made sure I felt included every step of the way.


June 2020/March 2021 – Like I Had Never Left

As it goes with many wonderful things, my journey as an intern with Grab came to a solemn end in June 2020 as I thanked my team for the enriching experience I had learning and growing with them. A few months down the road in March 2021, I received a call from the Head of L&D, A-Young Kim who shared with me an opportunity I found too good to pass up. In the midst of a time where the job market was aggressively competitive from the strain COVID-19 had put on the economy, A-Young reached out to me with news of an opening within the L&D team. After a series of interviews, discussions and what I consider to be a tremendous amount of good fortune, I found my way back to Grab.

I now work largely on L&D offerings for our managers, which is a completely different scope from what I was doing as an intern. It was an area I was unfamiliar with and till now still consider myself extremely new to, but I am also thankful that I have had an overwhelming amount of support from the lovely folks in the L&D team and Grabbers along the way.

While the company has grown and evolved in many different ways, the one thing that has remained constant throughout my time with the organisation is the lengths Grabbers are willing to go to serve and support each other. Whether you are an intern or a full-time employee, Grab creates a safe space for your ideas to be shared and explored. Without a doubt, there may be some days where things may feel much more challenging and tiring than others, but at least at Grab, you know that you will never have to face them alone.

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