Our Kind Of Green

Are You Our Kind Of Green?
Is there such a thing as too much green? At Grab, we definitely don’t think so!

To showcase the unique team of Grabbers behind Southeast Asia’s everyday everything app and to celebrate our 7th year creating positive change in the region, Grab released the “Our Kind Of Green” campaign, or OKOG for short. The campaign brings a fresh look at the people of Grab, through a photography series of green, on green, on green!

The Idea
We wanted to explore what it means to be a Grabber, to build an everyday everything app that impacts millions of lives, and we realised that there is no single way to describe it. From oven mitts to a pet plant, Grabbers made sure to make the photographs truly their own. These photographs represent the Heart, Honour, Humility and Hunger that they possess, including that lively, quirky side that they bring to work every day.

The aim of the photo series was to illustrate that just like our specific shade of green, Grabbers are a unique team of people you won’t find elsewhere. They are excited to enact change in the community and driven to always improve, but not without having some fun along the way!

The campaign
OKOG was the first time our team embarked on a creative photoshoot and it was a blast! We kicked the shoot off with a table full of green props and ready for a day of energy and laughter. Throughout the day, the Grabbers were very natural when bringing out the fun they experienced every day in the workplace. Here’s what some of them have to say about why they participated in this photoshoot.


OKOG is a celebration of both the individuality and collaboration across Grab’s worldwide R&D centers. Utilising social media and out-of-home channels, we want to inspire those who are unafraid to bring themselves to work and who have what it takes to drive Southeast Asia forward with us.

Are you our kind of green? Join us today at grab.careers and impact the lives of millions.