Septian’s Story – What It’s Like to be Part of the QA Engineering Team at Grab Indonesia

Septian Diky Chandra joined Grab in September 2021 as a QA engineer, and has since made a big positive impact on our communities. He is part of the GrabMerchants team, where they work on a portal for merchant-partners to monitor their transactions and run their businesses smoothly.

Previously, merchant-partners need to view transaction data through the portal and download it manually. But through the work of Chandra and his team,the merchant-partners can now get transaction updates regularly sent to their emails.

Apart from taking care of the Merchant Portal, Chandra also manages the fixes in the automation testing system.

“When I first joined, the automation testing system was not really being utilised. I am glad that I could be part of those who first improve the Web automation system at GrabMerchants,” Chandra says.

Chandra recalls his manager saying that an automation system is an investment and it really helps engineers in their job and save their time. 

In order to do the automation testing, Chandra and his team write the scripts,so that the system can do the testing automatically.

As a QA engineer, Chandra also has to make sure that the product being  released will run smoothly without any bugs. 


Every fortnight, the engineers will gather and discuss what needs to be done in the next two weeks. Chandra’s manager will then set priorities and delegate the tasks to the team. Usually, those that are directly impacting the business will be tested by QA also put tasks from testcase repository that are visible to create the automated.  During this time, the engineers will give each other feedback, suggest improvement want to put in next sprint and celebrate the successes end of sprint.

Chandra is glad that everyone at Grab works really well together, regardless of the  different backgrounds and geographical locations . 

When being asked about the challenges of being a QA engineer, Chandra mentioned that sometimes there is some data that is missing, or there could be reports that did not make it into the system He acknowledges that it is okay to make mistakes, and the most important thing is to learn from them  and improve on our skills. 

For aspiring QA engineers, Chandra advises  that it is essential to always gain more knowledge in the software development life cycle , pay attention to details, and build a sense of ownership of their products.

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