Serve, Smile, Inspire: LASA Stories from the Heart of Grab


At Grab, we have a unique benefit known as “LASA Day” (Love All Serve All) where Grabbers don’t just clock in; they step up and step out, becoming agents of service and volunteers, extending a helping hand to their local communities.


In June 2023, the Grab Bangalore team embarked on a meaningful journey with a clear purpose. Our mission? To touch lives, create positive ripples, and make a genuine impact. Our destination: local schools and an association dedicated to individuals with disabilities. Join us as we delve into the experiences of our dedicated Grabbers – Amit Kashap, Alisha Rastogi, and Ashwini Ganapathy – and uncover the profound lessons in empathy, service, and authentic connections.


A Two-Way Street of Inspiration – Amit Kashyap


As a child who grew up in modest circumstances, Amit Kashyap, an iOS Engineer at Grab, was deeply moved by his visit to the Divine Mercy School – Jeevodaya, Kannuru. He narrates:

“Never forget where you come from, and always seize opportunities to give back. These are values I have always believed in. LASA Day brought these values to life like never before. It was a two-way street of inspiration. Serving food to the children and seeing the happiness in their eyes was a humbling experience that reminded me of the simple joy that comes from helping others.

One interaction that will always stay with me is when I asked a kid who he idealises most in his life, and he said ‘Dhoni’ (famous Indian cricketer) . It made me realise that figures like Dhoni, even when they shy away from the spotlight, can inspire generations.

This experience deepened my understanding of Grab’s mission. It’s not just about my role as an iOS Engineer; it’s about making a difference in various ways. It reinforced how Grab is committed to bringing people together and improving lives, promoting a culture of inclusivity and empathy even more.

Reflecting on the LASA event, it highlights our values of Heart, Honour, Humility, and Hunger. It’s more than just lending a hand; it was about forging genuine connections, staying grounded, remembering our roots, and striving to create positive change in our communities.”


Experiences of Humility, Honour, and Heart – Alisha Rastogi


Alisha Rastogi, QA Engineer, who was also part of the team visiting the Divine Mercy School, shares an equally inspiring narrative:

“Upon our arrival at the school, we engaged in an interactive experience with the students. The discipline, classroom etiquette, and diligent scribbling in notebooks reminded me of my own school days.

The day unfurled with various activities. The most memorable moment was when we asked the children about their aspirations. It was heartening to see their interest pique when we told them about our roles as engineers at Grab.

Reflecting on the day, I realised how these experiences are a reminder of the simpler joys of life – the happiness in small things, the unadulterated smiles, and the spirit of helping one another. It was not just about us giving to them, but also about what they unknowingly gave us  – life lessons in humility, honour, and gratitude.”


Shattering Stereotypes – Ashwini Ganapathy


At the Association of People with Disability (APD), Ashwini Ganapathy, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at Grab, had a transformative experience. She shares her journey with us:

“Before setting foot at APD, I had preconceived notions that people with disabilities required constant assistance. However, this perception changed entirely once I interacted with the dynamic individuals at APD. Each person, despite their disabilities, showcased a wide range of abilities, which was humbling and enlightening to witness.

Surprisingly, communication, something I expected to be a challenge, flowed naturally. Their ability to understand and respond was admirable, breaking the stereotype of communication difficulties with disabled individuals.

This enriching experience was more than just a volunteer activity; it was a profound journey into understanding disability, breaking stereotypes, and learning invaluable life lessons. It highlighted the importance of empathy, understanding, and the celebration and appreciation of individuality.”


These stories shine a light on the transformative power of these experiences, for both the volunteers and the individuals they connected with. LASA Day was more than stepping out of the office; it was about breaking down barriers, forging connections, and truly grabbing life with both hands.