About the team

Work closely with operational and execution teams, building on ground truths, to create a path forward that is both innovative, yet grounded in reality. With Country, Business and Corporate Strategy all working hand in hand, we are building the organisation to succeed in creating the superapp that continuously improves the lives of millions in Southeast Asia.

Grabbers in the Business Strategy team

Rizky Ardian Hidayat

Region Head, Jabo [Growth]

In Grab, people are very kind, very open, very smart, and encourage everyone to generate new ideas. If the idea is acceptable and justifiable, then we have a very open path for sharing.

Titaree Audomkittanasarn

GTU Strategy Lead

Everyone here at Grab is so open – problems might arise, but our sole focus is always to find the solution. We also get to meet new friends all the time at Grab. Whatever fun activities you would usually do with friends, we get to do them here together.

Ryan Joshua Pelealu

Head, Strategy & Insight - Jabo Territory

My team consists of people of different personalities and background, and we cherish our differences. We also have different skillsets which complement each other.

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