About Technology Internships

Our tech teams focus on positive, personalised technology solutions that form the foundation of Grab. It includes tech verticals such as Engineering, Data Analytics & Data Science, Product Management & Analytics, TPM, Cyber Sec and Design and is organised in multi-function Tech Families. We work closely with Business teams to create the superapp that impact the lives of millions across Southeast Asia.

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Cyber Security

Secure and protect Grab’s assets, operations, and brand from cyber attacks by providing the right level of cyber security in an unobtrusive but highly effective way.

Data Science

Machine learning and product optimisations based on big data and real time market signals.

Design & User Research

User research, testing and prototyping, UI and UX design.


Design, build and test software and systems. Create tools and platforms for other developers to use.


Define product requirements while aligning with business, design and engineering stakeholders.

Technical Program Management

End to end project and program execution, timeline tracking, process improvements.

Hear from our interns

Kelly Chan


I chose to intern at Grab as it is one of the few organisations in Singapore that has a design-driven culture, with a strong emphasis on human-centric approach! On top of that, Grab boasts a full-fledged design team structure, where you get to collaborate with other designers beyond your role. Apart from designing, I also get to collaborate closely with content designers, engineers, product managers and data analysts to ensure high quality implementation.

Kevin Sia

Cyber Security

One of the aspects about Grab that I enjoy is the people. Everyone in the office is cheerful and friendly, which makes me feel positive and productive when I'm there. Apart from that, the flat hierarchical culture makes working more enjoyable and provides opportunities for collaboration within various departments. I was also given the opportunity to try out new ideas, from brainstorming with other Grabbers to creating contents and putting them into action.

Hear from our Hiring Managers

Grace Tan


First and foremost, we're looking for curiosity! Content design is a fairly new and still under-represented discipline within the field of UX design. So anyone with an open mind who’s curious about how language can be used to shape better user experiences is more than welcome in our team. Secondly, a willingness to try, fail and try again. Iterative thinking is part of what makes us better designers, and what helps us get better at our craft. Finally, courage: a willingness to question assumptions, speak up for what you believe in, and the bravery to think out of the box.



In addition to possessing technical proficiency, I consider adaptability and willingness to learn as the most critical qualities for a software engineering role. Given the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the industry, it's essential for candidates to be open to learning new technologies and adapting to new challenges. Demonstrate your passion and eagerness to learn, grow – together we will revolutionise the way people in Southeast Asia access and interact with a range of services, from transportation to payments, healthcare and beyond.

Keru Chen


We are looking for someone who’s curious and eager to learn, and has a passion towards leveraging big data to optimise business decisions. And entrepreneurship is always appreciated here! Be curious, be open and get yourself ready to hop on the high-speed train with loads of fun!

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