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Build Southeast Asia’s leading everyday everything app to provide transportation, logistics and financial services to millions across the region. Use our fascinating data set to solve real world problems and discover great purpose in your work. You’ll also be part of an international tech family across 8 R&D centers, working across borders to drive Southeast Asia forward.

Grabbers in the Engineering team

Akanksha Valecha

Engineering Manager II, Fullstack

Everybody at Grab understands the necessity of balance. We all believe that what we’re doing here is important, we’re genuinely changing people’s lives for the better, but we also understand that this shouldn’t come at the cost of your personal life.

Gaurav Kumar

Lead Software Engineer, Backend

Engineering at Grab is synonymous with holding yourself accountable for impacting lives of millions of partners, be it Drivers, Passengers or Merchants. Every line of code can cause big positive or negative impact to our consumers, which is why every little change requires thorough thought processes and deep understanding of systems and scale.

Budi Oktaviyan

Software Engineering Manager I, Merchant Experience

Seeing the impact Grab has not only on Indonesia but the whole of Southeast Asia is a really great motivation and probably what I like most about working here. Although the job comes with huge challenges and responsibilities, this kind of work doesn’t just come down to you. It’s very much a team effort and about collaborating to find the best solution, so you always feel supported.

Zou Yun

Senior Software Engineer, Full stack

Learning within the Engineering team never stops, especially with the sponsored learning resources. You need to stay curious, and be willing to take ownership to join and succeed in the team.

Latest updates from the Engineering team

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