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Join an ambitious and passionate team who are disrupting the landscape of fintech in Southeast Asia. Work on digital financial products that increase financial inclusion and economic opportunity for millions of users and micro-entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia.


Grabbers in the Financial Services team

Yesh Gunewardena

Head, Consumer & SME Lending

The Financial Services team is highly collaborative, values viewpoints of every function, and works speedily to execute ideas, driven by a singular principle to create impact. We focus on intellectual debate using facts and data to balance risk and drive inclusion, finding new ways to push the boundaries traditional institutions cannot. We strive to take calculated risks, experiment, learn and iterate quickly.

Loribeth Kaye

Senior Design Manager, CX

Fintech is a fast pace and exciting space and financial products are something our consumers use everyday. You need to be willing to learn and adjust accordingly, as there are a lot of moving parts. Financial products, as a whole, are highly technical, regulated and needs to be secure, so understanding constraints and being adaptable is key.

Latest updates from the Financial Services team

Empowering our communities

The Grab Financial Group aims to financially empower individuals through simple, transparent and flexible financial products such as GrabPay, GrabFinance, GrabInsure and GrabInvest. Join us to make financial empowerment a norm for Southeast Asia.

Providing affordable insurance products to the masses

GrabInsure was established in 2018 to bring a wide array of affordable insurance products to Grab’s user ecosystem of customers, drivers and merchants. In Malaysia, GrabInsure has launched various personal and personal lines products targeting drivers and customers, with the latest innovative launch centered around Daily Auto Insurance for Private Hire Vehicles. Be part of our fast-growing team today!

How we’re serving our driver-partners

Our driver-partners use the Grab app to provide transport services for ride hailing, food delivery and package delivery. As ‘gig economy’ (freelancer) workers, their financial services needs are not well met by more traditional products. GFG is providing more flexible and affordable lending, wealth and insurance products specifically designed to meet their needs.

How we’re serving our consumers

For our consumers, Grab is a part of their everyday life, whether it is getting to work, ordering dinner or booking a delivery. However, many consumers in Southeast Asia are underserved by banks and insurance companies. GFG is addressing this by using technology to deliver better access via digital payments, micro-insurance and innovative lending options such as ‘Buy Now Pay Later’.

How we’re serving our merchant-partners

With over 600,000 merchants who use our platform to access millions of customers through selling food online, using GrabPay to accept payments and using GrabExpress to facilitate last mile logistics, there’s plenty for GFG to focus on serving for our merchant-partners. Many of these small merchants are not able to access basic financial services, but GFG is leveraging the deep integration we have with these merchants to deliver better financial services needs.

StraitsX and Grab pilot use of Purpose Bound Money during Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

StraitsX, a part of Southeast Asia Digital Financial Services Group, Fazz, and Grab tested the issuance of Purpose Bound Money (PBM) in the form of commercial digital vouchers during the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2022. Learn more here.