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Drive the day-to-day business for all product verticals behind Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. Explore innovative ways to get things done and ensure smooth operations for the millions of micro-entrepreneurs who use the Grab platform.


Grabbers in the Operations & Sales team

Hong Khai Loh

Lead Product Manager, Fulfilment - Dispatch

To succeed in Operations at Grab, we must immerse ourselves in the markets so that we can experience the painpoints of our consumers and partners. For example, the traffic in Bangkok and Jakarta makes our driver-partners value a job not just based on the travel distance but how long the trip will take in traffic. This consideration plays a big part on how we design the pricing scheme for different services in the region. Only by sitting in the traffic yourselves can you feel the pain of our partners and empathise with them.

Pakamol Thuvanalin

Assistant Manager - Growth & Strategy, GrabMart

If I could sum up life at Grab, it would be: flexible, evolutionary and life-changing. This is the place to live your life and learn the lessons that come with that – both inside and outside of work. Grab has evolved but it’s still like a start-up because we're learning something new every day.

Meizar Assiry

Senior Content Development Specialist

In my role, I am responsible for Grab Indonesia's Help Centre articles. I provide information and solutions to troubleshoot any issues our passengers, merchant- and driver-partners might have. I also deal with customer queries and remedy any specific issues end users might be experiencing. Dealing with people when they’re frustrated can be tricky – but I think customer service is the best place to learn about humanity and empathy and widen your perspective. It teaches you how to listen and understand people to find solutions – and that's why I love my job.

Latest updates from the Operations & Sales team

Fasten your seatbelts

Platform Safety Assistant Manager, Rangisman is passionate about two things: travel and helping people – so it’s no wonder he’s the guy advising teams on safety matters for Grab. Read more about how he’s supporting communities in Thailand here.

A super-mom in the Operations & Sales team

Our Regional Head of Merchant and GrabExpress, Adelene Foo is not just a long-time Grabber, who joined in 2012, but also a super-mom of 2!
Listen to the podcast to find out how she’s done it all in the Operations & Sales team for almost a decade!

Grab’s Vaccination Commitment to the Region

Grab has launched a region-wide programme to increase access to vaccination and education for our stakeholders on the platform.
“We’ve worked closely with governments across Southeast Asia… to address pandemic challenges on multiple fronts, and now hope to play our part in making sure every Southeast Asian has access to the right information and resources to get vaccinated” – Russell Cohen, Group Managing Director of Operations at Grab.
Read more about how Grab plans to offer its support, technology and efforts to help with vaccination efforts in the region.