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Join the teams that take care of business at Grab, be the glue of the company that holds all functions together. From our People team who truly care about Grabbers, the Finance team who keeps our accounts on track, and our Legal team who keeps Grab compliant – it’s safe to say we’re on track to success!


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Grabbers in the People, Finance & Legal team

Philippe Eisenmann

Head of Extended Workforce

iFranklin D. Roosevelt once said: "Happiness [...] lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort." At Grab I get all of it, and the best: we all do it with a common purpose in mind: Driving Southeast Asia forward. That's the thrill I get of working at Grab.

Avril Cheong

Head, Antitrust and Competition

I enjoy working in the Legal team as it has provided me with immense opportunity for growth, and in coming up with creative solutions for novel issues, to ensure that compliance with laws are safeguarded.

Gurpreet Kaur

Regional Manager, Technology Sourcing

Why I enjoy working in the Finance Team at Grab is because no two days are the same. We rise to the occasion and are empowered with the ability to make a difference. The Collaborative spirit within the team gives me the motivation to succeed in ever-changing environments.

Sandeep Kolli

Manager, Facilities and Procurement

What’s really different at Grab is the fact that you’re free to do things the way you see fit. And I know that’s true no matter what your role, whether you’re an engineer, a UX designer or a developer, there’s no ‘that’s not how we do it at Grab!’ there’s only ‘well, let’s give it a go and see if it works!’. And that’s a great feeling.

Latest updates from the People, Finance & Legal team

Diversity in tech and at Grab

At Grab, we prioritise diversity and inclusion in the workplace, because “companies that are more diverse, starting with the leadership team, typically have stronger strategies with longer-term views” – Head of People at Grab, Ong Chin Yin
Read more about life at Grab and our diversity and inclusion statement here.

Strengthening Singapore’s Tech Ecosystem

Grab has signed a Memorandum of Intent with the Infocomm Media Development Authority and Digital Industry Singapore, to drive Singapore’s tech ecosystem to greater heights through developing its tech talent and R&D capabilities.  “Despite the challenges brought forth by Covid-19, the tech industry continues to hold promise for new and renewed opportunities for talent.” – Tan Hooi-Ling, Co-founder at Grab

Day in the life of a delivery-partner

Did you know that as part of our employees’ orientation, they go through GrabFood delivery and GrabCar transport experiences? As a refresher, our Co-founder Tan Hooi-Ling, and Head of People, Ong Chin Yin, recently participated in the food delivery experience again! Learn what they had to say about the enriching experience here!