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Work at the intersection of business, design and engineering to manage Grab products that help improve the lives of millions across Southeast Asia. Drive collaborations between diverse teams towards a successful product that solves real world problems in transportation, logistics and financial services.


Grabbers in the Product team

Amalia Mufti

Product Manager

I’m part of the Product Team for Grab Kiosk and we are quite close. We also get to collaborate with a lot of other departments and stakeholders which is great because you’re always meeting new people and making new friends. We’ve built up a really good dynamic within the team where, even though we all have different roles, we’re always ready to help each other out.

Bismo Aziiz

Senior Program Manager, Geo

I handle street-level imagery projects in my role. We capture the streets with our cameras and then use that in our maps and navigation for our driver-partners. We head out into the field and capture everything on a regular basis – which is something we have to do because the world changes so much every day. I like working with maps because it’s something that we use every day and we can’t really live without them. All of our driver-partners and delivery-partners use it, and it is a huge part of daily life now.

Latest updates from the Product team

Satisfying your every food craving

Did you know that GrabFood Is designed to personalise its suggestions in real-time to cater to consumer cravings? Thanks to our talented Product teams and Engineers, we’ve created a complex network of algorithms and systems that factors in a restaurant’s popularity, how fast it could they can prepare the order, and the availability of driver-partners to bring the order from the store to the consumer.
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From a Data Analytics Intern to the Head of Product

In just six years, Daniel went from Data Analytics Intern, to Business Analyst, to multiple positions within the Product team before his current role as Head of Product in Wallet Infrastructure. His journey with us has been nothing short of exciting as we support all our Grabbers to grow with Grab. Reach his full story here.

Launching GrabMart in the time of need

GrabMart was introduced during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when Southeat Asia consumers’ reliance on online shopping and delivery services grew. By leveraging the GrabFood platform and onboarding retail partners, we can now provide consumers with their daily essentials on-demand, within a one hour delivery window. Read more about the launch of GrabMart here.

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