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Join the team that keeps our users and Grabbers safe from any threat. Leverage rich data sets to find solutions to problems ranging from safety to fraud, and solve complex problems with immediate real-world impact that affect millions of people across Southeast Asia.


Grabbers in the Security team

Arbie Asug

Senior Security Engineer

Accept challenges and continue to build up your skills and knowledge in response to the fast-paced changing world of technology, and that's how you can succeed at Grab.

Farrah Harriet Ratnaike

Head of Risk Strategy & Operations, GrabFin

The team is made up of tenacious individuals who never take 'impossible' for an answer. We will chisel away at a problem bit by bit, and sometimes we will tear down the house complete, but we will never walk away from solving some of the biggest challenges that could compromise our users' trust and safety.

Puneet Gambhir

Head of Risk (TIS)

Integrity is a fascinating field to be in. Saving a life by preventing a road accident, blocking an Account Takeover attempt by a fraudster, or outsmarting the scrupulous drivers to deny them fake bookings; all of these are challenging and interesting problems to solve! Though we extensively leverage data, algorithms and tech to do so, it is equally important to understand the ground realities and human psychology of the users and fraudsters to drive results.

Rangsiman Sirichawarit

Platform Safety Assistant Manager, Thailand

In the Platform, Safety and Quality team, we support the safety operations in Thailand for Grab. Individually, we might have our own projects, but we always support each other in terms of sharing ideas, insights or even the workload. There’s a real open atmosphere for sharing ideas, not just within our team but across the business. From junior Grabbers to senior and management level, all opinions by everyone are valued, so you never really feel any hierarchy. And I think this adds to what we do and how we do it.

Latest updates from the Security team

Meet our Integrity team

The Integrity team shares 10 cool things about the team, and the important work that they do behind the scenes to protect consumers from risks and frauds while using Grab’s services! Watch it here now.

GrabDefence is Grab’s latest anti-fraud SaaS product

GrabDefence was built in 2019 to tackle fraudulent activities such as GPS faking and phantom bookings. Most recently, Grab also partnered with a financial risk technology company to offer a combined suite of fraud solutions to digital banking services.

Zero trust with Kafka

Security has always been one of Grab’s top priorities and as fraudsters continue to evolve, there is an increased need to continue strengthening the security of our data streaming platform. Read how we’re moving from a pure network-based access control to state-of-the-art security and zero trust by default.

Safety is our utmost priority at Grab

The Integrity team at Grab continuously conducts various programmes to increase passenger and driver partner safety. We have introduced a one-touch SOS button in the passenger app that is available for all passengers in Indonesia. The Know Your Driver-Partners policy was also set up to ensure the validity of driver-partners supporting documents as well as their vehicle requirement.