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Join a diverse team of researchers, designers, writers, illustrators, and engineers across Southeast Asia to plan, craft and create a product experience that will delight our users and enhance the lives of millions.


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Group Creative Director, Indonesia

At Grab, you learn to listen to people and the more you listen, the more creative you will be. We want to make our work the best and make it cool – but to do that we have to be comfortable, open and listen to each other. Working here has switched my perspective completely – my work is no longer just about me, it’s about everyone. It's about the people that we serve, and building those relationships.

Fariz Junaidi

Senior Product Designer

What I love most about working with Grab is that I’m free to focus on both the strategic and the design side. Here I get to have ideas and see them come to fruition, to know that the work you’re doing can make a difference. We’re fully focussed on the impact that our work has for our consumers, driver- and merchant-partners. I find that the focus here is always clear – making things better for everybody.

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