The Grab Start-up Ecosystem

In recent years, Indonesia has seen a snowball of start-ups, many of whom have the potential to address social problems and improve the everyday lives of their communities. In this competitive landscape, how can strategic partnerships be formed to gain the best results for the community?

Here at Grab, we leverage the power of the Grab Ecosystem – a multitude of services offered by different partners, all housed within a super app to make everyday life for our users that much more seamless. Anindita Rangkuti (Anin), our Head of Sumatra Region, tells us more in this article.

Anindita Rangkuti (Anin) heads the Sumatra region for Grab.

Success starts from a good foundation

Since Grab launched in 2012, we have been committed to provide solutions to life’s challenges for millions of people in Southeast Asia. This culminated in a super app that now goes beyond ride-hailing, expanding into other services that address our users’ lifestyle needs.

Anin explains, “We have to invest in growing our user base, which leads to better coverage and quality of Grab services and products. At the same time, we also invest in the company infrastructure to make sure we work effectively as a company and with our partners.”

Happy Grabbers are an important key to success. By creating a comfortable and positive work environment, Grabbers learn to build trust and lasting work relationships with each other. Collaboration opportunities and good ideas are identified everyday. This innovative climate within the company is a major power source to keep the super app running.

Developing win-win partnerships

Grab has become the market leader in Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing industry, but evolving into a super app will require us to work together with other specialised services from third-parties.

Unlocking the potential of the Grab super app would mean establishing partnerships that can enhance opportunities and provide users more choice and convenience. Anin continued, “By working alongside other start-ups that already offer a certain service, we can develop a win-win partnership where together, we can break into other market segments successfully.”

The partnership ecosystem of start-ups that Grab operates within in Indonesia.


Anin shares, “The integration of OVO, a payment platform, allowed us to implement payment strategies easier in Indonesia. With this partnership, OVO is now no longer only a mobile wallet, but a payment app for Grab services, like ride-hailing, food delivery and courier delivery.”

The same can be said for KudoTokopedia and HOOQ. Kudo joined our digital payment ecosystem to make it possible for Indonesian companies to grow their business with technology. Via Tokopedia, we also help local entrepreneurs access reliable and convenient courier services at their fingertips. Users can also enjoy on-demand video entertainment via the Grab app, with services powered by HOOQ.

“These partnerships strengthen each platform’s presence in the market. We can expand both our services to millions of Grab users. The cross-platform setup also helps us learn from each other, from company to company,” Anin concludes.


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