Cracking the code to achieve work-life integration


Shlok shares about his exciting foray into Grab as a fresh graduate. Being an intern alumni and having experienced the Grab culture, Shlok delves into the reasons why he decided to kickstart his career with us.


If you told me a few years ago that I’d be working a high-intensity and impactful job with work-life balance and a team that supports your hobbies, I would have looked at you in wide-eyed disbelief.

But I am living this dream now as a Data Scientist (Analytics) for Grab Financial Group.


How It Started

I kickstarted my journey with Grab with my seven-month final-year internship at Grab Financial Group. As an intern, I worked with the payments team, primarily on projects driving payment strategy. 

Soon after I graduated from university, I came back. Yes, I enjoyed my internship so much that I  decided to kickstart my career with Grab full-time.  

What made me come back to Grab was the nurturing culture. Even as an intern I got to take on meaningful work with tangible impact on the community, which gave me immense job satisfaction. 

My teammates are also why I came back: this sounds really cliche, but I felt right at home with the team. The way my team puts bonding a priority made Grab the top choice for my first full-time job


How It’s Going

I took a leap of faith with my full-time role by transitioning from the payments to the insurance team. I wanted to try my hand at insurance, because it’s something I’m very interested in and the team’s job scope aligns best with my interests. 


This is a highly challenging and rewarding role. I have been tasked to look into possible innovations for Web3, and have also worked on impact analysis of investment products. Since the nature of my job is experimentation driven, I find myself working on initiatives experimenting with features and product iterations. 


The learning curve has been steep and gratifying. Transitioning between two teams have proven challenging, but both teams have been incredibly helpful in my transition with their continued guidance in my initial days.


How about some Fun and (Board) Games?

Sure, my work is no walk in the park. But amazing colleagues and work culture keeps me going.

Aside from being able to vibe with my colleagues, we also make deliberate efforts to bond with one another and make everyone feel valued. The end result? An environment where I can- and want to- share quality time with my colleagues: I have watched movies, explored food, hit the gym, and engaged in bonding exercises with them.




It’s not just with my teammates I spend quality time with. I also involved myself in several sports and board games Grabber Interest Groups (GIGs) where like-minded Grabbers come together and bond over common interests. 

A self-professed nerd, I would say I’m pretty active in the board game interest group. Having hosted several board game nights, I’ve met Grabbers who take great delight in mental sparring sessions after work, or indulge in a chill atmosphere surrounded by fun and games.

Honestly, my experience at Grab since my internship has been too good to be true. I’m thankful for the opportunity to grow professionally with amazing people who have the heart to serve, and I look forward to more meaningful days here. 



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