What Business Looks Like From the Lens of 5 Students

From Left to Right: Armansyah, Clarissa, Michele, Novy, Arya

Kudo and Grab collaborated with a national program, Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI), on the “Breakthrough Leadership Project” (BLP) to develop and nurture hundreds of young Indonesian leaders. Some people say that school doesn’t adequately prepare you for the working world. The YLI Program seeks to change that. The BLP is one of the key milestones for students in the program and lasts for 3 months.

We had five high performing students in the programme: Armansyah Adhityo, Clarissa Merry, Michele Priscilla, Novy Inna, and Nararya Ahmad. They worked on real projects, visited merchants, underwent coaching sessions with mentors, and did their final presentations.

Nacitta Kanyandara, Head of Commercial and Business Expansion, along with the Sultan TanjungAudric Hartanto, and Qinan Tamara from the Channel Development division, were mentors in this project. The project given to participants had two objectives. The first was to increase the number of cashless merchants, and the second was to improve the operational process of merchant acquisition itself.

“It is really challenging-practical experience and also exciting at the same time. I never thought that I will do and learn all these things. This experience gives me the opportunity to do trial and error and analyze my own skill” said Novy, a final year student at Sebelas Maret University.

Some of the participants went to the office to consult with the mentors. The mentors constantly give them feedback, answer all of their questions and not just provide them with the data but also help them with the analysis.

Coaching session with the mentors

“We like the way they give us feedback. They appreciate our ideas even if there are some ideas that cannot be implemented”. It has encouraged us to come up with a better idea. It’s like what we’ve been doing for several months was not in vain. They are super helpful and passionate in developing us.” said Michelle and Arya, who joined the YLI programme because they wanted to learn more about business models and strategic plan.

During the consultation, they learned about business processes, merchant characteristics, and they also went on a field visit with the Sales Operations team to meet the cashless merchant owners directly.

Merchant owner with the Sales Operations team

“We went on a field visit with Putra and Umar from the Sales team. We had to interact directly with the merchant owner and got to know about the merchant acquisition process. Every complaint and challenge really helps us improve our capability.” said Clarissa, who is interested in the FMCG industry.

The team was empowered to do research, data analysis, and collaborate with Kudo employees – as a student! The program also was well-structured; the participants got the chance to do a Mid-Project Presentation and obtain feedback from Kudo leaders and mentors. This iteration mimics a real-life project, where a team constantly refines and shapes an idea through execution and feedback.

Final presentation session (Arya, Novy, Michelle, Arman, Clarissa)

The participants found the time to connect with each other through this project, as a team. The project allowed them to understand each other; better understanding about the business; and to create more impactful and relevant decisions. There are five people with different ideas and ways of working. They learned how to overcome that. This project unleashes every single person’s potential.

“I really love doing the whole BLP project. We had the chance to propose our ideas to the leaders. We were also given the chance to run a pilot test to see whether we are making a real impact or not. We really hope that our recommendations can assist Kudo and Grab for the better in the future!” said Arman, who had just finished his education at Bandung Institute of Technology.

“We would like to thank all the mentors for being great mentors for us. We learned about effective communication, teamwork, business logic, how to thinking critically and concretely and how to work with data,” all 5 of them said in unison.

Their incredible journey has come to an end. They delivered good results and their new strategy has been embedded in Kudo’s project. Let’s continue creating impact in Indonesia!

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