Fasten your seatbelts



Rangisman is passionate about two things: travel and helping people – so it’s no wonder he’s the guy advising teams on safety matters for Grab


Fasten your seatbelts

When the pandemic hit, I found it really difficult. I’m very much an extrovert, and one who loves to travel and take photographs – so now that that’s behind us, I try to spend as much time doing both of those as possible. Whenever I travel, I have my camera with me – it’s almost like it’s a part of me. I find inspiration anywhere. I take pictures when I go cafe hopping, when I find beautiful scenery, and sometimes, I even do portraits of my friends.


For me, it’s really important to make time for that. Once I press the elevator button and leave the office, that really is my time. Whether it’s visiting new places, taking pictures or having some downtime to rest, prioritising that time is like a form of self-respect. So, it’s wonderful to work somewhere like Grab, where that’s understood.  


Before Grab, I worked for a company that was eventually acquired by Grab. It was a big transition for me, but I was excited by the new challenge. I thought “this could be an opportunity for me to grow”. And I’ve grown up a lot since then – not only in terms of hard skills but in soft skills as well. Before the acquisition, I was working in an associate position which was mainly administrative, but now I’m an assistant manager and I get to look after my team, help us all achieve our goals, and do a lot more project management 


In the Platform, Safety and Quality team, we support the safety operations in Thailand for Grab. So, as someone who loves to travel, my job is to ensure that others can travel safely – which I really enjoy. Plus, the team is fantastic. Individually, we might have our own projects, but we always support each other in terms of sharing ideas, insights or even the workload. We work as a team. Dealing with safety standards, our job is serious business. So, we make sure we balance that and have fun too by going out for lunch or dinner together almost every day. 


There’s also a real open atmosphere for sharing ideas, not just within our team but across the business. From junior Grabbers to senior and management level, all opinions by everyone are valued, so you never really feel any hierarchy. And I think this adds to what we do and how we do it. 


I’ve seen Grab grow from its start-up days to where it is now. We know what we are going to do and which way is the best way for us – it’s really exciting. So, if someone was thinking of joining the team I would say “hop in – but fasten your seatbelt!” – The tracks are secure but it’s definitely a fast ride.