Behind Closed Doors: Grab’s Marina One Office Tour

Fresh out of school or in your early professional career?

Let us bring you through the lens of a new Grabber to understand how it is like to work in the global R&D Headquarters of Southeast Asia’s largest and most dynamic tech startup.

It has been almost a year since we unveiled Grab’s Research & Development (R&D) Headquarters. The workspace occupies two whole floors in the Marina One Offices, and is nestled right in the heart of the Marina Bay Financial Center in Singapore. This urban hub is a palpable reflection of the principles, values, and working culture of Grab.

Company Culture: Open and Transparent

Open-concept, open-minded; at least that’s what we want to inspire in the office. One’s first impression of the area would be its huge open floor plan. Without cubicles or walls to segregate Grabbers from different departments, the spacious interior bears testament to our open organisational culture.


Workspace Freedom

This sense of freedom extends to individual working spaces as well. Our Grabbers are given the choice to sit either at their designated seat or literally anywhere else they’d like (we practise hot-desking!). We don’t want our Grabbers to feel restricted; to instead work and chat in whichever space they feel the most comfortable in.

We also know that people work best in the right conditions. So we made sure that the office offers a big variety of workspaces which can cater to any situation. Whether it’s the need to focus on individual projects, or to hold open discussions, Grab @ Marina One has it covered.

Let’s Collaborate

From city-view lounges to isolated noise-cancelling phone booths, our Grabbers are spoilt for choice when it comes to working spaces. For collaborative discussions, the office space is also furnished with pockets of breakout areas, and tons of open spaces for stand-up meetings. No matter the requirement, there’s a space for it.

Need something a little more private? Our meeting rooms are sure to live up to your needs. Each room also boasts its own unique design and layout, allowing for private chats, casual discussions, and formal conferences.

All work, no play makes for a dull Grabber. So when it’s time for a break, our Grabbers can be seen sharing meals and chatting, on our spacious pantry floor. The open seating allows for interaction with Grabbers from different departments, making it easier for us to expand our circle which is always a plus when cross-department projects come along! As we always say, “Your Problem is My Problem.”

A Reflection of our Southeast Asian Identity

Being uniquely Southeast Asian, the space would not be considered a Grab office without including local elements. Peranakan motifs line the walls and floor tiles, traditional shophouse shutter doors surround the reception, and skyline decals of the Southeast Asian cities plaster the glass windows. Meeting rooms are also affectionately coined after Singapore MRT stations and cities in the region.

Our Commitment to Employee Well-being

Grab means business when it comes to employee well-being too. The office space is flanked by floor to ceiling windows that bring not only natural sunlight in, but also a boost in employee productivity.

Feeling peckish? The pantry’s stocked with freezers full of a variety of drinks (think the entire Coca-Cola range!), and shelves’ full of snacks and treats that keep our Grabbers full. As a special treat, there’s also ice cream for those with a sweet tooth.

Quite like our tech peers, Grab has a foosball table where our Grabbers can be seen frequently visiting during breaks to let off steam.

For those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we also have our very own office gym! This gives our Grabbers the flexibility to add a quick workout to their schedule anytime they want. And who wouldn’t want to use a treadmill overlooking the Sentosa Island and the Singapore Straits?

More than its well-designed interiors, Grab’s R&D Headquarters is a true exemplification of the company’s brand and philosophy. With that, we hope that you were able to get a better glimpse into the life of a Grabber. And hopefully, we’ll see you here soon!

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