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Be part of a team that humanises big data and drives innovation for Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. Bridge the online and offline aspects of our transportation, logistics and financial services business, and use data to align product development with strategic goals.

Grabbers in the Data Science & Analytics team

Jared Lum

Senior Data Scientist (Analytics)

"When I’m at the centre of all the data that’s being generated every single moment, I just find it joyful with the whole process of figuring out the hows and actually making meaningful insights out of them! There’s seemingly and interestingly never a single way of approaching a problem here which keeps me on my feet constantly."

Maanas Sunil Prabhakar

Senior Deliveries Analytics Manager, Mart & Dark Stores, S&P Analytics

"Want to leave your mark through data-driven product thinking? I know I do, and that's what drives me to work all day every day! And what's even better is working with some of the most intellectual, driven, kind and authentic people I know, who are my Grab Friends Forever (and ever)!"

Jia Chen

Head of Data Science - TIP

"Every small step of innovation at Grab will have instant impact on hundred of millions of active users. Nothing is more exciting than facing the challenges, exploring the uncertainties and advancing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence."

Latest updates from the Data Science & Analytics team

Securing and Managing Multi-cloud Presto Clusters with Grab’s DataGateway

SQL remains the core language for analytics at Grab, and our Presto platform helps serve up to 500 users who run 350,000 queries each day. Through Grab’s DataGateway, we can manage user access and cluster selections, distribute workloads to different types and versions of Presto clusters and enhance data access control.
Powered by technology and driven by heart, find out how our Data Engineering team continues to drive Southeast Asia forward.

Improving Efficiency with Machine Learning

With our chat function becoming the primary channels for user support, increasing efficiency and productivity among our agents is necessary. To ensure quicker support time and scale chat even further, we’ve built a machine learning model offering contextual suggestions based on internal data. This allows our chat specialists to type faster, and better serve more consumers.
Join us at Grab to solve real-world problems affecting the lives of millions across Southeast Asia.

Making Grab’s Everyday App Super

As Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, Grab provides countless services such as ride-hailing, payments and more. As we strive to outserve our consumers, we aim to make the whole experience a unique and personalised one for each of them. Discover how we make this happen.

Utilizing Data and Technology to Impact the Region

Grab delivers personalised experiences to over 200 million consumers, driver-partners and merchant-partners through softwares such as Databricks. Find out how we create consumer-centric solutions through data and technology.

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