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Be part of a team that humanises big data and drives innovation for Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. Bridge the online and offline aspects of our transportation, logistics and financial services business, and use data to align product development with strategic goals.


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Grabbers in the Data Science & Analytics team

Maanas Sunil Prabhakar

Senior Deliveries Analytics Manager, Mart & Dark Stores, S&P Analytics

"Want to leave your mark through data-driven product thinking? I know I do, and that's what drives me to work all day every day! And what's even better is working with some of the most intellectual, driven, kind and authentic people I know, who are my Grab Friends Forever (and ever)!"

Jia Chen

Head of Data Science - TIP

"Every small step of innovation at Grab will have instant impact on hundred of millions of active users. Nothing is more exciting than facing the challenges, exploring the uncertainties and advancing the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence."

Latest updates from the Data Science & Analytics team

Meet the Analytics team at Grab

Using data, our Data Analytics team is able to understand our users through testing, prototyping and experimenting solutions at scale. These solutions offer our users and partners better hyperlocal services, such as helping our driver-partners maximize their time on the road to increase their earnings, as well as connecting our users quickly to the services they need.
Watch to find out how our Analytics team enables impactful, data-driven solutions for our users and partners through machine learning platforms!

Graph service platform

Whether to learn about the relationships between users and products in e-commerce, or understand credit relationships in financial networks, the capability to understand and analyse large amounts of highly interrelated data is becoming more and more important.
Read more about how we do it.

Graph for fraud detection

Grab is all about improving the lives of everyone in Southeast Asia. This includes creating new products for our users, but with new products come new fraud patterns. Find out how we we use graph-based models to tackle fraud detection as fraud patterns increase and diversify.

Tech Island: Live – Rewind

Grab’s internal engineering conference – Tech Island: Live covered 60 different topics over three days. Attendees got a chance to learn about the new software, tools, and technologies that various teams across Grab are working on. Find out how our tech teams came together to collaborate and ideate different solutions.