The write job for me


Meizar isn’t just content in his work, his work is content – and that’s why he loves it. 


Working as a senior content development specialist at Grab means that I am responsible for Grab Indonesia’s Help Centre articles. I provide information and solutions to troubleshoot any issues our passengers, merchant- and driver-partners might have. I also deal with customer queries and try to remedy any specific issues end users might be experiencing. Dealing with people when they’re frustrated can be tricky – but I think customer service is the best place to learn about humanity and empathy and widen your perspective. It teaches you how to listen and understand people to find solutions – and that’s why I love my job. 


It’s given me the chance to explore my passions such as communication and writing and everyone at work is very supportive. At Grab, you are very much able to speak up and share your opinion because it’s an open and safe environment – and for that alone, I couldn’t ask for a better workplace. I’m a people person and love to be in the office but the flexibility of hybrid working and the ethos around personal time gives me the space to pursue a lot of writing opportunities. Now, I have a variety of writing experiences in many different backgrounds, which is what I want in my career. 


Usually, after work, I go to a coffee shop and start writing. It’s an escape for me and lets me decompress – even if I’ve been writing all day, plugging out of work and into my own interests is how I unwind. With the help centre writing, you’ve got to really focus on the solutions or product information, but with creative writing it’s more flexible. It’s almost like stretching. It is very much a passion of mine and I think it makes me better at my job – and vice versa. 


I’ve actually written for some fashion brands in Indonesia, about many facets from style trends to the history of loafers. Sometimes I write for corporate and financial brands, so my content ranges from lifestyle topics to public relations, public affairs to corporate communications, and everything in between. I have my own blog too! It’s called Meizerology and it’s great because it’s very much my own brand and I write about my interests, such as music. 


And that’s another way I try to express myself – through music. I’ve been playing the guitar since junior high and I find that it’s the best way to unwind and express anything that I feel. And I’ve been able to share that passion with other Grabbers on my team too! 


Many of them play music too and it’s another big part of why I like it here. Every so often, we hold an after-work music session that we call “After Six Sessions”. A few of us play the guitar, along with other instruments and we just jam and have fun – in fact, a few others have said how much they love to come and listen as their way of relaxing, so it’s very fulfilling in that sense too. 


From my role to my passions, my experience working at Grab has been amazing so far – I’ve got a lot of wonderful people supporting me here and I look forward to working here for years and years to come.